August 16, 2007

So I Creep...

Yeah, I Creep!

Sadie has been sort of moving around but seemed unable to control the direction she traveled in. Well, here is video proving that today she figured out how to get where she wants to go!

And all this with an ear infection which has made her cranky for 1-1/2 weeks.

More Pioneers

Here ya go.

August 15, 2007


We went swimming in a river today. It was cold in the water but it was hot outside, so it was wonderful.

Sadie tried out her new floating crab and had a good time with daddy. She also enjoys eating rocks and has to be watched constantly in order to stop her rock consumption. See pic.
Oh, yes. This morning we went to Baby Music Hour and Sadie was looking around while I helped her stand up. I let go and she stood by herself for about 10 seconds or so. A long time! I know it was a fluke but it was very cute!

August 5, 2007

Backyard Photo Session


We went to Living History today. This is a weekend festival with Civil War reenactments and fur trading posts and homemade snacks. All in all something I love. I had fresh-churned butter and we had a hayride.

Even dad liked it.

I bought a bonnet- yes, a bonnet, which I wore proudly all day. And even wore home in the car. And I may be wearing it next time you see me, too. Y'all are just lucky I didn't buy the dress that matched it.

A pic from our day:

August 4, 2007

Murray the Furry

Yesterday we had to put Murray to sleep. His glaucoma was getting really bad, as was his diabetes. There was no way to treat the eye surgically because he was sick. The doc said he was in pain and agreed it was time.
He was the sweetest, gentlest cat I have ever known. There will never be another like him.
We miss you, you furry Mursky-boy. Goodbye to my Striped Cat. Rest In Peace.

August 1, 2007

Sadie's 1st Birthday

No, we didn't have her birthday party yet, silly! She went to her friend's party.
Where she went in the pool and watched him eat cake. No cake for Sadie. Here are some pictures of her with her buddies.

And a laughing and smiling picture as well:

Splish Splash

Sadie learned how to splash recently. This is why we no longer wash her in the kitchen sink. The floor was wet, the counters were drenched, and there was water dripping from the cabinets.
We tried to get a video and she did splash a little but of course the minute she saw the camera she became obsessed with grabbing the dishes that were near her.

But here it is anyway: