March 18, 2012

Third Time's the Lucky Charm

Or it wasn't. Because we didn't catch a leprechaun.
We built two traps. One was a reprise of the cup trap from previous years. But we thought the other couldn't fail.

When we came out in the morning the trap door was shut and the box was still closed. Sadie hid in the hallway while I peeked inside.
Oh, yeah, Sadie was very excited to make the traps but then she looked at me with big eyes and said, Mama, I'm kind of scared we'll catch a leprechaun.
So she wasn't altogether unhappy to find some gummy candies instead of a leprechaun. And the gummies were the ones that are terrible for you. Apparently leprechauns don't care about artificial colors.

We weren't sure how he had managed it until we saw the back of the box.

He must have been doing a little jig as he broke through. He did leave a note.

And green toilet water, green juice and green yogurt- breakfast of champions!
Except for the toilet water, of course.

Then we made some green oobleck to celebrate. It's gooey and yucky and lots of fun to mess around in. And although it takes one minute to make it takes twenty-five to clean up it's a good time.

Maybe we'll get him next year, but I still think we were pretty lucky. 

March 14, 2012


We found some feathers that are from some sort of bird. Imagine that. And here you were thinking they were from a rhinoceros. 
Anyway, we found some feathers and I was very excited when I saw that they would make decent quills. Sadie likes to hear about any old-timey stuff and Silas...Well Silas just likes to do anything that DeeDee is doing. 

So we cut the quills down and got to work.
Except I'm forgetting to mention the part where it took me a month to buy the India ink. And that when I finally opened the bottle and we started to use it I realized I probably just could have broken a pen open and used that ink instead of making them wait forever.

Yeah, I'm all about the quick thinking.
But they had lots of fun.

And were busily scribbling out correspondence while I cleaned the ink off the kitchen floor before it could sink in. I know you're not surprised by that turn of events.
What? A 2.5 year-old spilled out his little cap of ink when he flipped it over to look underneath?
I never!

March 8, 2012

Mrs. McGillicuddy's Magical Monster Spray

We've got a bit of a pest problem. It's not mice. Or ants. 
They're big. And they're mean. And they eat little kids.Or so I'm told.
They tell me there are monsters in the hallway. A few in the bedroom. One or two in the utility room.
So we brewed up a concoction that was specially designed to repel, eradicate and destroy them.

I'm sure you've heard of it, no?
It takes care of them all. Cyclops, boogeymen, ghouls, you name it.

It's fun to spray.

And it smells delicious.

And, by Jove, it really works.

Mrs. McGillicuddy knows her monsters.

March 5, 2012

Two Kids

Sometimes having two kids is trying. If one wants their drink warm the other wants it cold. If one wants to go out the other wants to stay in. If one wants to read Minerva Louise the other wants Frog and Toad.
If...well, let's just say it goes for everything.

But sometimes it's super cute. Like tonight when I was getting dinner ready and they were bent on bugging me. Sy kept yelling Pick up me! Pick up meeee! So finally I asked Sadie to please play with him.

She spent the next twenty minutes running after him yelling I'm going to get those chubby baby legs! Here I come, I'm gonna get those chubby baby legs!
They were laughing so hard they couldn't catch their breath. I hope they keep each other laughing like that, even after the chubby baby legs are long gone.