December 10, 2007

One Year Old!

We had a little celebration yesterday for my baby who isn't a baby so much anymore. I made carrot cakes for everyone and here are the videos of her eating it.

Sadie loves her balloons:

Singing Happy Birthday:

Eating cake:

My Little Elf!

Check it out:

Walking again!

So as many of you know Sadie regressed after our trip and stopped walking. She started again. Sunday 12/2. And now she's trucking everywhere! I don't think she'll forget this time.
Here are the videos from that night:

Worst. Christmas Festival. Ever.

We went to a festival billed as a Winter Fairy Festival. It was seriously the worst put together thing I've ever seen. Every station was just a children's pool filled with something and named a "sea" or "ocean." It was so bad that we laughed until we cried, and then we took pictures.
The fairies, by the way, were a group of 3 teenage girls who walked around gossiping, wearing jeans and fairy wings.
But it was to benefit some kid thing or other so we bought some tokens as donations.

Sadie in the "Lollipop Land."

Sadie in the "North Pole." Note the broom and dustpan left right there. Sure, this is a safe area for kids! Plus, all that delicious styrofoam I saw the kids eating.

The "Ice Cream Sea." I think this needs no description.

Sadie as an elf!

November 26, 2007


So there's not too many pics. But we wanted to show you Sadie's potato mustache. She loved the food, especially potatoes.
Dinner was delicious, the company was wonderful. Fun!

And now I am done posting for the night! Look below and you will see many other posts. I am making up for all those times you came here looking for a Sadie fix and I denied you!

Boxy Lady

I got a mixer for my birthday. Yes, finally, my much wished-for mixer. Now I can bake the organic bread I buy for Sadie and save $4/week. And my bagels that I baked a few weeks ago will be much better kneaded.
Anyway, here is a video of Sadie enjoying the box it came in.

Cabinet Love

Sadie loves this cabinet. She can stand in front of it and take stuff out of it all day. It comes in handy when I cook. She's with me and I can keep an eye on her but she's not actually hanging on my leg. That is her other preferred location. However, she loves to saunter over to the dog bowl and play with the food and swish the water and I'm constantly saying no and moving her. So that's fun.


Sadie loves to read her books. She loves to have me read to her but now she has begun pulling all her books that are out off the coffee table shelf and "reading" them.
And if you put them back she pulls them all out the minute she realizes you've put them away. They must ALL be out. She's her mother's daughter.
And she points and talks like she's reading.

Here's a dark, not so great video of her and a book. I'm working on getting one of her talking to her books.

More Coast

So I never posted the video we took of Sadie on the coast. She's exploring sand for the first time.

November 7, 2007

A hike on the coast

We took a drive to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and then took a hike across the dunes to the ocean. It was a beautiful place, like a desert by the sea. We also took some pictures for our (and your) enjoyment.

Sadie with Daddy:

Sadie with mama:
2 pics of the pups:

A little trick Mr. Miyagi taught me one cruel summer:

October 31, 2007


And a Happy Samhain to you!
Here are some pictures from the party we had today. One of the moms was kind enough to let us all descend on her house. There were about 10 babies altogether.
So what does a mom do who just spent all weekend at a wedding in NY and doesn't have a costume and refuses to buy a store-made one? She makes one at the last minute (9pm last night) and makes her daughter a mummy!
It was very cute and everyone liked it, including me.

October 22, 2007

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch. Which was actually a mud patch.
Sadie started cooing and got extremely excited when she saw the pumpkins. Then she yelled & laughed at the tractors and got royally pissed off when she wasn't allowed to "walk" holding one of our hands.
The 3rd picture down is Sadie blowing a raspberry. She loves it and if you get her started and do it back to her she will go for 5 minutes straight. It's pretty funny and well worth the complete spit-drenching that occurs. I don't mind a little baby spit.

October 20, 2007

We're walking, we're walking...

Yes, she's walking!
From me to daddy and back. She just let go today and took a couple of steps toward me. Then we sat across from each other and she went back and forth. She's getting pretty good at it in one day!
I guess soon she'll be taking off on her own around the house. It's amazing to watch her go. She is just the cat's meow, I tell ya.

October 14, 2007

Pictures of my girl

So now I shall inundate you with photos.
But first you should know that she is clapping! I will post a video soon. And she said "CAT!" while pointing at Mr. Bird (the cat). Hooray!

At the park:

Just hanging on the couch. She cracks me up with this pose. She often sleeps like this too:


At her friend's first birthday party:

With her friend Brody at the party:

October 2, 2007


Maybe you've noticed the hair. Maybe you haven't. But she's definitely got some hair now. Enough to do this:

Oh, yes. And here she is in a paper bag. Don't ask, it rains a lot here.

September 30, 2007

Just being Silly

So here is our Sadie just hanging out and being her silly self. What a monkey!

She crawls!

Well, she finally figured out the old knee-leg crawl the other day. Now she no longer looks like a wounded soldier or a thirsty desert-stranded person. She looks like a baby crawling, which is what she is. And it only took us moving the last vestige of our adult house off to the side. The baby officially owns us.

The day we moved the table she crawled. It's like she'd been waiting. The hardwood floors were too slippery. And now that she figured it out on the rug the wood is easy-peasy too.

So far a chair is gone and now the coffee table. So our rug is now a giant play rug. Which is turning out to be fun for everyone. I think we should all have playmats, they remind us to get down on the floor and hang out- view the world from a different place than from our butt on the couch.

But, anyway, here's her first real crawl!

September 20, 2007

This is what happens when you won't take a nap!

So as most of you know I have a child who doesn't like to nap, doesn't like to sleep, and wakes up every 45 minutes. Yesterday she was exhausted but would not take her afternonn 40 minute nap- It's not like I ask for a lot!
So at 6:45 while eating dinner this is what happened:

It's been a while!

Sorry about the delay in posting. However, since I have just seen most of you I know I will be forgiven! We had fun in NY. Here are a few pics of Sadie with her cousins:

August 16, 2007

So I Creep...

Yeah, I Creep!

Sadie has been sort of moving around but seemed unable to control the direction she traveled in. Well, here is video proving that today she figured out how to get where she wants to go!

And all this with an ear infection which has made her cranky for 1-1/2 weeks.

More Pioneers

Here ya go.

August 15, 2007


We went swimming in a river today. It was cold in the water but it was hot outside, so it was wonderful.

Sadie tried out her new floating crab and had a good time with daddy. She also enjoys eating rocks and has to be watched constantly in order to stop her rock consumption. See pic.
Oh, yes. This morning we went to Baby Music Hour and Sadie was looking around while I helped her stand up. I let go and she stood by herself for about 10 seconds or so. A long time! I know it was a fluke but it was very cute!