May 29, 2009

Calling All Fairies

We have a patch of ground along the fence where nothing grows. Sadie really wanted her own garden as she loves to dig and help in mine. And now that we have our veggies in she can't traipse all around looking for worms.

So I asked if she wanted to make a fairy garden. Do you know any little kid who wouldn't want to make a fairy garden? 

Here's the patch of dirt:

We went shopping for flowers and Sadie picked out ones that she liked. 
So we dug up the ground and started to plant. She was real big on patting the dirt around the flowers after they were in:

Taking a break, gardening is hard work:

Getting them all in:

The finished product:

Now, the trick to a successful fairy garden is to make it inviting so that fairies want to come. We collected a lot of little wood "chairs" and "tables" and got some beautiful glass stones to attract the fairies. Sadie built a wonderful stone path that weaves all around the garden. Next, we need to build a little shelter/house for them to hang in.

Here is a lovely sitting area where the fairies can talk, relax and have important fairy meetings:

Proud of the results so far. This was taken right after she said I love my fairy garden! 

Although it sounded more like I lush my shairy garden!

May 27, 2009

At the Zoo

We went to visit Auntie Rachel this weekend and had a heckuva time. 
We were going to the zoo the next day but when we got to Rachel's we found out that there were goats with free pellets to feed them right on the corner!
So, of course we had to do that. 
There were also a couple of chickens and ducks. One of which had hair like George Washington. 
You'd have to see it to believe it. 

Sadie and Auntie R, hanging out:

The next day we went to the zoo. Sadie was very excited and the first 2 things she said upon awakening were Is Auntie Rachel awake? and Can we go to the zoo now?

So we went to the zoo. Here she is with Tristan, aka Uncle T. Whose hand she insisted on holding throughout a lot of the zoo:

Here's Dada, going down the slide-tree as well:

Sadie asked to run in the grass for a few minutes. And run she did. Back and forth and back and forth:

She saw some folks eating ice cream and said I want ice cream! So we got her her own kiddie cone. 
For the next fifteen minutes, while she was eating it, she couldn't have cared less about the animals. She'd look up and then just start licking her cone again. I realized she has had ice cream, but never her own ice cream cone. 
Wow. That's pretty exciting. I couldn't blame her after that.

Sadie loved this monkey. Why he has a white beard like Dada? Dada, that monkey has a white beard like you! Bet you didn't know Will has a white beard. Neither did we. 

Looking at the hippos. We tried to get her moving and she said No, I'm not done looking yet!

Looking at the giraffe. Neato:

Can you see how tired she is here? She slept for THREE hours after we left. This child has never taken a 3 hour nap. Seriously, never, I am not exaggerating.

I wish we lived closer to the zoo. If only for the nap-inducing properties.

May 23, 2009

My Brother

Sadie has decided to name her brother "Sister."  Ain't it a fine name?
Then, in the last day she has also brought up the names:

Tree Mountain (actually, not too bad)
Changing Table
Butty-butt Tush-butt (This one's growing on me)

I don't think we'll give her naming rights.
And here's a list that she fired off to me last night right before bed of things she is planning to do with her brother, Sister:

  • I will boss him around
  • Get his tushie
  • I will snuggle and sleep with him and give him boo-boos
  • I will read him books
  • Go on a hike with him
  • Help give him a bath

I think there were others, but that's all I remember.

And, in other pregnancy news, I seem to have acquired Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. This is basically where your pubic bone is moving too much and causes pain.
Ah, pregnancy, the gift that keeps on givin'!

Well, except the final gift is pretty neat:

May 19, 2009


We went for a hike the other day. 
And, yes, I dragged my pregnant butt along on the hike. It was 3.8 miles- but the flattest miles you've ever seen, around a big ol' lake.
It was very nice. 
Especially since I carry snacks and Dada carries Sadie. 
But they both like that:

Towards the last mile of our walk Sadie decided she wanted to walk by herself.

She held our hands and had a great time walking. She tripped on a couple of tree roots and once went down. But just laughed it off.

Then we got to the big rock:

For some reason this one made her nervous and she didn't want to tackle it. Dada helped her, but she wasn't happy. Oh, no sir.

But she was fine in just a minute:

And the next time we hit a big slope she took it like a champ and even did a little walk sideways to keep her footing.
What a hiker!

May 13, 2009


Sadie is constantly moving the hair out off her face. Getting mad at it, shouting hair bothering me! And the barrettes I put in slip out until they are dangling in the last centimeter of her bangs.

So, I figured why not cut her some bangs?

So we did. And if you're wondering why the video has a black space on the side it is because I went to the trouble of downloading a program and finding an online tutorial which showed me how to edit videos. 
All this because the entire video was an insanely unattractive view of my stomach/chest/crotch area. It was so upsetting it made me want to throw myself facedown on my bed while sobbing, exercise like a maniac, and give up and eat the entire pan of brownies I baked today- all at the same time.

A word to the pregnant ladies who have gained A LOT of weight: Do not put on yoga pants and an ill-fitting, unattractive shirt and record only your abdomen and thighs moving around. Seriously. Don't.

Anyway, the edited video. Enjoy!


And a picture. I am excited to see what it looks like after a bath and with braids/pigtails! Yes, I am a dork.

May 11, 2009

When I be bigger..

There are so many things that Sadie has now been saying she will do when I be bigger.
Here are a few from the last few days:

When I be bigger...

I will be a doggy and eat out of a bowl like Laddie.

I will chew gum.

I will drive a car.

I will  be a turtle and tuck my arms into my shell.

I can touch your paper.

I cannot hit you. (Gee, thanks, Sadie. I didn't realize you could hit me now)

I will climb a ladder.

I will have my own kitty. (Dada told her the other day, after playing with a tiny kitten, that we would get her one when she's bigger- which we plan to do. So now she wants to know WHEN?)

Maybe when I be bigger...

I will like bubbles. (in seltzer)

I will eat a lot of chocolate. And get a tummy ache.

May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

To all of you mamas and grandmas and aunties and everyone else.
Why have I a posted another photo essay of Sadie eating in honor of this day? I have no idea.
Well, maybe it has to do with the fact that she will only sit still and look at the camera while she is eating something- popsicles, chocolate, alphabet pasta, etc.
Otherwise my pictures are of the back of her head, a blur going by, a crazy expression, half sunlight-half get the idea.

Here she is eating her much beloved letter pasta. And showing off.

Have a great day!

May 5, 2009

Pump it up

In reviewing pictures of my belly with Sadie that I took weekly, (sorry new baby, it's just not happening this time) I can now confirm that my 23 week belly is the size of my 29 week belly with Sadie.
At this rate I'll be looking 60 weeks pregnant by the end of it all. Yikes.

Now, if only it were the air from the bicycle pump that Sadie likes to play with. Then I could just let some out.