May 29, 2009

Calling All Fairies

We have a patch of ground along the fence where nothing grows. Sadie really wanted her own garden as she loves to dig and help in mine. And now that we have our veggies in she can't traipse all around looking for worms.

So I asked if she wanted to make a fairy garden. Do you know any little kid who wouldn't want to make a fairy garden? 

Here's the patch of dirt:

We went shopping for flowers and Sadie picked out ones that she liked. 
So we dug up the ground and started to plant. She was real big on patting the dirt around the flowers after they were in:

Taking a break, gardening is hard work:

Getting them all in:

The finished product:

Now, the trick to a successful fairy garden is to make it inviting so that fairies want to come. We collected a lot of little wood "chairs" and "tables" and got some beautiful glass stones to attract the fairies. Sadie built a wonderful stone path that weaves all around the garden. Next, we need to build a little shelter/house for them to hang in.

Here is a lovely sitting area where the fairies can talk, relax and have important fairy meetings:

Proud of the results so far. This was taken right after she said I love my fairy garden! 

Although it sounded more like I lush my shairy garden!


Anonymous said...

It never ceases to amaze me all the creative and wonderful things you do for, and with, Sadie. You are an outstanding Mom and that's only one of the reasons why I love you so much. Ma/P/Granny

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea...I want to come and have tea with Sadie and the Fairy's! I see Mum there everywhere. Of course, she would have had to have lots of moss, as well. ;-) And, now it's my next life I want to come back as your kid! You're amazing, and Sadie is breathtaking. xoxo Auntie L