June 12, 2009

Random Information

I know it's been a while since the last post. And to make up for it I am now going to inundate you with both trivial and important information about life here.

First, I apologize for my laxity in posting...again. Just when I had you all thinking I was back to normal, I flake out again, huh? Actually, you all know I am flaky to begin with and have never stopped being flaky. Let's say...flakier.

Anyway, here goes:

Excuses for not posting on the blog...
  • I am lazy
  • Grammy came to visit and I got to be even lazier
  • I am exhausted from being pregnant...So, so very tired that sometimes I can't believe how tired I am
  • I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test and don't have to take the 3 hour which made me sick the last time!
  • I found out I am very anemic, which could be contributing to my tiredness. This was told to me in a call which I almost did not answer because I was afraid the reults of the glucose test were bad and that's why they were calling. Ha, I didn't want to know.
  • I am now taking iron supplements
  • I ate steak tonight, good source of iron. I have eaten steak twice in the last couple of months! What?
  • Oh, and bacon.
  • Hey, I'm pregnant, and I wanted some meat. Sue me. I hadn't had any since 2001.
  • Sadie LOVES steak. I think both times we've had it she's eaten about 1 pound.
  • She also loves bacon.
  • And salmon. (She and Dada eat that together...yuck!)
  • Laddie has also been loving this foray into steak and bacon. What dog doesn't love bacon grease?
  • Sadie has come up with an entire name for Laddie. His full name is as follows:
  • Laddie Woo Wag-tail-wag I don't love cars Wag-tail-wag
  • Now you inderstand why she is not naming the new baby, no?
  • Will has had an abcessed tooth, which is now better due to antibiotics, but will be yanked next week. Yikes.
  • I am feeling huge and whenever I see pregnant women and ask when they're due because they are so much smaller than me I find out they are due 2 weeks after me. Or before. Seriously, 2 weeks. It's a trend. And I am HUGE.
  • This baby moves like a lunatic. He's always kicking and jumping and dancing and stomping on my cervix.
  • Stomping on your cervix from the inside hurts, man. Trust me.
  • This baby has a tentative name.
  • Silas
  • No middle name as of yet
  • Sadie likes to call him Silas, too. She says Silas! That's a good name!
  • I keep thinking that he's not really a boy. In which case her name won't be Silas.
  • My two favorite girl names are Fern and Hazel
  • I have the ultrasound this week to see if my placenta has moved away from the cervix.
  • I will make them check again that it's a boy
  • I would think that it has probably moved as (tentatively named) Silas is managing to stomp on the cervix
  • Sadie has a very cool playhouse in the yard
  • Sadie has been peeing on the potty very well
  • Sadie has been peeing in the grass as well. She likes to.
  • Sadie is not a big fan of pooping on the potty
  • Sadie IS a big fan of pooping in the grass
  • Yes, I know that is weird
  • We are all weird out here
  • Sadie has been saying she will give up boo-boos for the baby. This was her own idea. I have been doing my best to limit her nursing without causing a lot of hoopla. Hoping to get her weaned before late August.
  • When she realized the other day that she was going to have to share her beloved boo-boos with her brother she was not happy.
  • Oy vey.
  • The birth center is closing down while they build the new one so they have basically told us (who just found out after being promised we would give birth at the birth center) to suck it and are making us all give birth at the hospital. We will get to go home 6 hours after the birth and they are trying to be as understanding and birth-center-like as possible but I really wanted to have (Silas?) in the same house and room where Sadie was born. Not at a hospital.
  • Oh well. Sucks.
  • I went for a routine midwife appointment the other week and Sadie stayed home with Dada. When I got home she was perplexed and asked me where baby brother was. She thought I was getting him out.
  • I wish
  • She did not believe me when I told her where babies come out. She insisted it was my belly button.
  • I don't know which would hurt worse
  • Sadie is getting so clever. We were talking about standing up for yourself and telling people to stop when they are bothering/hitting you and she said What will happen after I tell them No, I don't like that? What will they do? Thinking ahead.
  • Of course, that may not be so clever. I might just think it is, but it seemed clever to me that she was processing things like that at 2.5 years.
  • Yes, I'm biased.
  • I am looking forward to summer and playing outside all day.
  • I am not looking forward to being big and hot and pregnant all summer
  • I may actually have to break down and get an air conditioner
  • I may let Will take a picture of me looking like a hot, beached whale in Sadie's pool
  • But probably not
  • I promise I'll post again soon
  • Truly

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