November 8, 2012

Angry Eyes

Sometime this summer we painted faces and when Will washed Sy's off the remnants that remained made his eyebrows look dark and angry. The kids thought it was so funny that the next day they wanted angry eyes again. So we did it.

For some reason they also needed glasses.

Very studious, angry people.

This one looks Silas might start writing experimental poetry any minute.

November 1, 2012

Puss in Boots and Kitty

In keeping with what appears to be our long-standing tradition of being a cat for Halloween, the kids wanted to be Puss in Boots and his friend, Kitty.

What could be better than being a cat and  being allowed to play with a sword all day?

Oh, right. Candy!

We made the usual circuit of the loop, which reaps more candy than we need. I'm frightened by the amount of candy they'll get when they're older and can go farther.

Then they got to eat candy and stay up late.

YiYi said, I love trick or treating! This is fun!  Except it sounded more like: I wove tick or teating!

And when all was said and done and I was washing the makeup off, Sadie said something she's never said in almost six years: I'm so tired, mama. I just want to go to sleep!
A day for the record books.