August 31, 2008

Laddie Treat

Well, it seems to be the week of animal posts. I just find so much entertainment in watching Sadie be entertained by our animals.

She loves to give Laddie treats and will go to the pantry and pull out the bag and say Laddie treat! Laddie treat! Give!
Then she must have two treats (one for each hand) to give to him. She usually drops them on the floor in front of him but yesterday she gave him some by hand and boy, was it fun!

Oh, excuse the nakey baby. She has developed a new passion for being Nakey Baby and dancing around to her piano. She says Piano? Nakey Baby? Shirt? Shirt off? Shirt off! Nakey!

How can you say no? I have a feeling we're going to have the heat on high a lot this winter.

Anyway, Laddie takes a treat:

So much fun!:

August 30, 2008


As most of you know Prudence is the name of one of our cats, and we call her Rudy, or P.R. Rudy. Well, Sadie has fallen in love with "Ruby," as she calls her.
She yells "Ruby, Ruby cat!" with glee when she spots her, she chases her around, she sits near (on) her, she kisses her, she hugs her, she pokes her lovingly with objects.

And anyone who knows Ruby knows that she has a threshold of the amount of love she can take at any given moment. And it ain't particularly high.

But Ruby shows amazing restraint with Sadie.
Just watch:

Hey Ruby. We're on the floor. This is fun. Hi Ruby!

Where are you going? Oh, the office? I'll come too!

Look, I can lie here too! What?

Prudence has run away. Where's Ruby?

Oh, hey Ruby. If I stretch out my foot I can just about reach you...

What? (After I tell her for the 7,000th time to please stop annoying Ruby) We're playing!

She will not leave this cat alone.
And I know that it stresses Ruby out, but in Sadie's defense Ruby is just stubborn enough that she refuses to move, as Mr. Bird does. So I think Sadie truly believes she wants to play with her, after all, she doesn't run away from me!

And when Sadie is just hanging and minding her own business guess what testy, cranky old cat comes over and winds around her ankles? That's right- Ruby cat!
Sheesh, talk about a mixed message!

August 27, 2008

Garbage Night

Or do toddlers go in recycling?

This is why we haven't been posting as much

Busy, busy, busy.
Due to various folks hounding me I have posted some furniture pics:

August 24, 2008

My Favorite Subject

So today I was going to write a post about how much fun we had picking berries, complete with photos of Sadie and her berry basket. However, it seems that every single berry u-pick place for 30 miles is closed on Sunday. So that ain't gonna happen.

Instead, here are photos of Sadie's reaction when she sees me snapping 7 million photos of her. I can't stop, it's such an addiction. I mean, when I used to take photography I liked taking pictures. I would take pictures of all kinds of stuff but sometimes it was boring, or they were dumb, or it felt like all the shots were cliche, etc.

But now, now I have a subject that I never get tired of looking at. And thankfully the four of you who read my blog are the four people on Earth who also never get tired of looking at her.
It works out perfectly.

Oh, hi Mommy. I see you have the camera.

Here's big smile for you:

Oh, wait, I can make it bigger:

Hmmm, maybe if I smile even crazier you'll stop this madness:

*Peeking at me* Really? You're still snapping shots?:

Fine. This is what you're gonna get, though:

C'mon lady. Enough already:

Fine. I've resigned myself to my fate. But how about we go pick some of those green Tomaynoes? Tomaynoes? Pick? Pick tomaynoes? Pick? Pick? Maynoes? Pick?:

But I'll never stop. Nevaaaaaaaaah!!! *cackles*

August 21, 2008

Poor babies

I'm writing this post quickly at 10 pm as I have a sick husband and daughter. Husband is moaning on the couch and daughter is asleep next to him. Poor monkeys.

Those of you who know Sadie's propensity to throw up at the drop of a hat will understand that after last night's potato with broccoli and cheese fiasco I wasn't taking any chances. Let's just say we put my and Sadie's clothes on the deck last night so they would dry and we could shake the chunks off this morning. Yep.

She coughs from post nasal drip while lying down which leads to gagging and vomiting. So when she started coughing tonight I went and grabbed her and now she is stretched out on her side on the couch, fast asleep.
It's just like the old days of 3 months ago. Ha.

Anyway, the other day we were just wandering around the yard taking pictures. Here are a few of them.

Look at those curls:

She's telling me one of her crazy stories made up of real words and Sadie words:

Power to the people, man:

We have been blowing all our dandelion seeds. We must do our part to keep the dandelions going. I mean, after all, when was the last time you saw a dandelion?

Ah, the blackberries. The bush out in front is ripening. Every day we go out and pick some of the juiciest, sweetest berries ever.
Sadie will start asking Bow-way? Bow-way? And we must go get some. Immediately.
She doesn't even mind if they're not that ripe. She used to just pull them off and pop them in as long as they were somewhat black. But I think now that I've shown her how delicious a truly ripe blackberry is she has been waiting for me to get them for her.

Okay, I'm off to the couch to take care of my babies.

August 17, 2008

The Lame, I mean Lane, County Fair

When Grandma and PawPaw were just in visiting we all went to the Lane County Fair. PawPaw and I are big fans of pretty much any county fair on earth, no matter how small or lame it is. This one is pretty small but still fun, but like I said I like them all. You'll have to ask someone else.

I have dragged Will to it every year since we moved here. The first year I was pregnant, the second Sadie was 7 months old, this year she was old enough to have a good time and do some stuff. She is still not tall enough for most rides, but we got on a few rides.

First she went on a pony ride. That was big fun. She loved it. Her pony's name was Sprinkles- which I found endlessly amusing for some reason.
Look at her smile.

This is so much fun!

What? The ride is over?
She was not very happy when we took her away from Sprinkles, I'll tell you that much. But she got over it quickly.

The carousel was another story. Sadie did not love the carousel. At first she was cool with it.
Oh, look Dada!

Then she was half trying to get off her horse while the carousel went around. I'll tell you something- that sucker was fast! I've never seen a carousel move so quickly.

Then on another turn when she saw me she yelled Mommy! and held her arm out.

And then it was over and Sadie was quite happy to see that ride end.

Then she went on her own toddler log flume. We couldn't go in the boats but we could walk around right next Sadie while she rode.

Sadie thought this ride was swell, too.

You can always tell when a toddler thinks a ride is swell.
They look something like this when it's over (yes, again):

Once again she rebounded quickly and we were off to lunch. Where we shared a zucchini corn dog. Yes, you read that right.

August 12, 2008

So, do you think she's too big for the swing?

Hey, that swing says it's good until 30 pounds! And I am gonna test that claim out. I am sooooo not ready to chance losing what little nap we already get.

August 11, 2008

O is for Ouchie

Sadie has her first real face ouchie. And, yes, we call "boo-boos" ouchies as Sadie took it upon herself to call a certain part of my body and the act of nursing on it "boo-boo." It was getting confusing. Well, not really, but it could have, so we nipped it in the bud that day I asked her if she had a boo-boo and she attempted to pull my shirt down.

We went to the park today and in between trying to get her to look at the camera and keep her from diving off the play structure I got a couple of not-so-great pics of the ouchie.

And I swear they build these playground thingies just to strike fear into my heart. Why do they have to just end abruptly 10 feet off the ground? Oy.

Anyway, here's the ouchie:

And here is Sadie's friend Aiden, feeding her blueberries.

Ain't that just the cutest?

August 10, 2008

Send Pictures

Some bad news. Remember our computer? Yes, the dead one.
Well, we had 2 hard drives in that computer. For safety. Yes, so the really important documents like my stuff and Sadie's pictures would be safe in the event of a virus or total system crash.

Well, when our computer died there was some sort of electrical hoo-ha that fried only one thing. What was that thing? Yes, that hard drive. And since we had been yapping about backing up the pictures but hadn't yet done it we lost the last 8 months in pictures that I haven't uploaded here or one other place.

Frankly, I haven't mentioned it because it is too depressing. The computer squad at the University tried to get my stuff off the drive and failed. Now our only option is to mail it to a place that specializes in this and hope they can find the stuff.
Supposedly it's expensive but I don't care.
And, lesson learned, I'll be backing up every month.
So cross your fingers, folks- we have no newborn pictures and no 1st birthday pictures either because for some reason the backup we do have didn't include those.

Sorry for the depressing post but we are sending out a call for pictures and movies you might have of Sadie. That way, if the worst happens, we'll have something.

Anyway, on a lighter note, here is a picture of the face Sadie makes when something is sour or cold. It cracks us up. It cracks her up, so she does it as often as possible, the little bugger.