August 31, 2008

Laddie Treat

Well, it seems to be the week of animal posts. I just find so much entertainment in watching Sadie be entertained by our animals.

She loves to give Laddie treats and will go to the pantry and pull out the bag and say Laddie treat! Laddie treat! Give!
Then she must have two treats (one for each hand) to give to him. She usually drops them on the floor in front of him but yesterday she gave him some by hand and boy, was it fun!

Oh, excuse the nakey baby. She has developed a new passion for being Nakey Baby and dancing around to her piano. She says Piano? Nakey Baby? Shirt? Shirt off? Shirt off! Nakey!

How can you say no? I have a feeling we're going to have the heat on high a lot this winter.

Anyway, Laddie takes a treat:

So much fun!:

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