August 4, 2008

Aunt Granny

As I told you earlier, Aunt Bee came out for a visit. She is leaving to go teach in China for a whole year. A whole year where she has no intention of coming back here to visit. Lousy Aunt Bee!

So Sadie switched from calling her Aunt Bee or Shelby and decided that she was "Ganny" (granny). This was endlessly amusing as she would call out for Granny everywhere we went.
Where Granny? she'd ask. Granny! Ganny! she'd yell. People must have thought we were nuts as we just started calling Shelby granny too, it made it easier. Plus, as I said, it was endlessly entertaining.

So now Aunt Granny is gone. Leaving tomorrow morning for the Far East. Here are some pictures of the day we went to the coast.
It was incredibly foggy at points, which made for some cool pictures.

Dada and Sadie:

Granny and Mommy and Sadie (notice Sadie's face- this is her new face she makes when you say "smile!"):

Down on the coast in the Dunes Recreation Area:

So much fun! The last time Sadie was at the coast she could barely walk.

We had to climb over a large dune to get to the coast. Here we are sliding down the dune:

Granny and Sadie:
Yes, it's corny but entirely unplanned. I snapped this shot of Aunt Granny standing on the dune we walked over to get to the water.
I call it Looking Westward to China.

Thanks for visiting Aunt Bee. Godspeed and Good Luck. And you know where we are if you change your mind about visiting. Pllleeeeeaaaasssseee????

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