August 24, 2008

My Favorite Subject

So today I was going to write a post about how much fun we had picking berries, complete with photos of Sadie and her berry basket. However, it seems that every single berry u-pick place for 30 miles is closed on Sunday. So that ain't gonna happen.

Instead, here are photos of Sadie's reaction when she sees me snapping 7 million photos of her. I can't stop, it's such an addiction. I mean, when I used to take photography I liked taking pictures. I would take pictures of all kinds of stuff but sometimes it was boring, or they were dumb, or it felt like all the shots were cliche, etc.

But now, now I have a subject that I never get tired of looking at. And thankfully the four of you who read my blog are the four people on Earth who also never get tired of looking at her.
It works out perfectly.

Oh, hi Mommy. I see you have the camera.

Here's big smile for you:

Oh, wait, I can make it bigger:

Hmmm, maybe if I smile even crazier you'll stop this madness:

*Peeking at me* Really? You're still snapping shots?:

Fine. This is what you're gonna get, though:

C'mon lady. Enough already:

Fine. I've resigned myself to my fate. But how about we go pick some of those green Tomaynoes? Tomaynoes? Pick? Pick tomaynoes? Pick? Pick? Maynoes? Pick?:

But I'll never stop. Nevaaaaaaaaah!!! *cackles*

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