August 6, 2008

Anyone have any idea what she's saying?

Oh, and the dog looks like he's nervous because he is the biggest dork on Earth and is slightly afraid of the camera.


Jamie said...

She is very obviously telling Laddie that he should wash his hair. "Wash your hair Laddie!" She continues merely trying to get her point across. She then moves to his rear to point out all the dirt and bugs in his hair. Realizing how dirty he is she becomes more enthusiastic. Even throwing her hand s up in the air. Jeez Sah just listen to the poor girl!

Linda said...

She is obviously preparing for a career in politics. She was talking about the universal healthcare for all dogs and reminding Laddie to pick up after himself in order to help stop global warming.

allie said...

I just have to tell you I love this! I have made my husband and mom watch it too, I can't get enough. She is so passionate!