August 10, 2008

Send Pictures

Some bad news. Remember our computer? Yes, the dead one.
Well, we had 2 hard drives in that computer. For safety. Yes, so the really important documents like my stuff and Sadie's pictures would be safe in the event of a virus or total system crash.

Well, when our computer died there was some sort of electrical hoo-ha that fried only one thing. What was that thing? Yes, that hard drive. And since we had been yapping about backing up the pictures but hadn't yet done it we lost the last 8 months in pictures that I haven't uploaded here or one other place.

Frankly, I haven't mentioned it because it is too depressing. The computer squad at the University tried to get my stuff off the drive and failed. Now our only option is to mail it to a place that specializes in this and hope they can find the stuff.
Supposedly it's expensive but I don't care.
And, lesson learned, I'll be backing up every month.
So cross your fingers, folks- we have no newborn pictures and no 1st birthday pictures either because for some reason the backup we do have didn't include those.

Sorry for the depressing post but we are sending out a call for pictures and movies you might have of Sadie. That way, if the worst happens, we'll have something.

Anyway, on a lighter note, here is a picture of the face Sadie makes when something is sour or cold. It cracks us up. It cracks her up, so she does it as often as possible, the little bugger.

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