August 17, 2008

The Lame, I mean Lane, County Fair

When Grandma and PawPaw were just in visiting we all went to the Lane County Fair. PawPaw and I are big fans of pretty much any county fair on earth, no matter how small or lame it is. This one is pretty small but still fun, but like I said I like them all. You'll have to ask someone else.

I have dragged Will to it every year since we moved here. The first year I was pregnant, the second Sadie was 7 months old, this year she was old enough to have a good time and do some stuff. She is still not tall enough for most rides, but we got on a few rides.

First she went on a pony ride. That was big fun. She loved it. Her pony's name was Sprinkles- which I found endlessly amusing for some reason.
Look at her smile.

This is so much fun!

What? The ride is over?
She was not very happy when we took her away from Sprinkles, I'll tell you that much. But she got over it quickly.

The carousel was another story. Sadie did not love the carousel. At first she was cool with it.
Oh, look Dada!

Then she was half trying to get off her horse while the carousel went around. I'll tell you something- that sucker was fast! I've never seen a carousel move so quickly.

Then on another turn when she saw me she yelled Mommy! and held her arm out.

And then it was over and Sadie was quite happy to see that ride end.

Then she went on her own toddler log flume. We couldn't go in the boats but we could walk around right next Sadie while she rode.

Sadie thought this ride was swell, too.

You can always tell when a toddler thinks a ride is swell.
They look something like this when it's over (yes, again):

Once again she rebounded quickly and we were off to lunch. Where we shared a zucchini corn dog. Yes, you read that right.

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