February 26, 2010

Good Dog.

Laddie. What can I say about Laddie?
He's a good dog.
Even though he rolls in the mud. In fact, he has created a mud pit of his very own in the yard.

Can you see the dried mud caked in his fur from his enthusiastic mud dive-bombing?
Well, you can certainly see it on our floor as it sifts off. In the waves of dirt he leaves everywhere in the house.

But he's a good dog. A great dog. A one-of-a-kind dog.
He lets Sadie sit on him, stand on him, roll on him, kiss on him, hug on him and anything else on him- and he's never, ever even grimaced. Nary a peep.

He lets her lead him around. She follows him around the yard. And he loves to run around the yard with a friend.

She takes him down the hall when she's scared that there may be a monster. After all, he's a great guard dog, and that includes monsters.

And, judging by the way she's lying in the mud with him she doesn't mind the dive-bombing at all.

A match made in heaven.

February 25, 2010

Budding Artist

As you know Sadie loves to draw, and draw, and draw.
Here are a couple she did in the past couple of days.

What's this one? I have no idea.

This one? This is: Mama when she was pregnant. See mama? See the sad face because you're sick?

That is spot on, Sadie, spot on. And it made me laugh too.

February 24, 2010

Sleeping babies...

Smiling kids...
If only pictures didn't just capture one second of time.
The rest of the day they've been awake and cranky beyond belief. Age 3 just might kill me. Help.

February 21, 2010


So, when you want to build a snowman with your child (her first ever!) where do you go?
Charleston, South Carolina. If you're me.

I am known for bringing interesting and unseasonable weather wherever I go. Alaskans: Want to enjoy an extra 500 feet of snow? Mexicans: Want to build your first snowman too?
Well, just fly me out there and it's more than likely you will.

As you can see, I still believe in unicorns and tooth fairies and that I don't bring bad weather wherever I go, so I neglected to bring Sadie's hat and mittens.

My hat is just a wee bit too big.

Upon awakening, Sadie insisted we go out immediately. But mama needs her tea. So we went out in the yard right after breakfast. And got to work building some snow folks.

Putting on the eyes and buttons.

We made a mama and baby.

Hi there, snowmama. Isn't she cute?

February 11, 2010

We're A-Goin'

On a big ol' plane.

For 8 or so hours.

Send me sleeping children plane vibes. 8 hours of them.

Help. I'm so scared.
See you next week!

February 9, 2010

Yes, We Have No Bananas

Wait, or is it, No, We Have Yes Bananas or Yes, We... Oh, forget it.

Well, Silas did have a banana last night. And he enjoyed it.
He might have swallowed some. He might not have.
But he definitely enjoyed it.

And here's where I mushed a bit up and tried a spoon. Guess who grabbed that spoon and refused to let go?

Remind you of anyone?

February 8, 2010

Worst. Sleepers. Ever.

They might not look like the worst sleepers ever. Because they're asleep. Don't let that fool you. This is midnight.

Exhibit A: Brother has been held for the last 4 hours while he slept & fussed
& cried, finally fell peacefully asleep and was then carefully transferred to the Boppy, hoping against hope that it works and he stays asleep.
Not the cosleeper. Or the bouncy chair. Or the swing. Because Brother will not be anywhere but in arms between 7-11pm. And then the Boppy.
Woe to those who try a different arrangement.

Exhiibit B: Sister was asleep. And woke up crying- as she does every night. At least once before we go to bed. Sometimes twice. Sometimes four times.
This time she couldn't be settled again and came out, sobbing, buried her head on my lap & went to sleep.
Eventually we all went to bed, where Sister must be snuggled all night. Why?
Because Brother is snuggled all night.
But we can't blame him, she came out of the womb like that and veeeeerrrry slowly improved. She's just regressed a bit since he came along.

See? Told you. Don't let that picture fool you.

February 5, 2010

There Will Be Blood

Especially when your child decides to get off the couch face first and ends up with a mouthful of table corner. Copious amounts of blood. On you, her, Brother (how the heck did it get on Brother?), the couch.

And, of course it will happen when you're not looking. You wouldn't have been able to stop it anyway. It's just one of those things. But that won't keep you from feeling just a wee bit guilty.

And, man, it will be swollen. Better today, in these pictures. But that nosedive will also rip her frenulum and cut the gum right above her front teeth. The doc will say it appears to have missed the root and that the tooth is most likely not dead. But you'll have to wait and see.

And then you might have to Google How to Photoshop grey teeth.
But you'll really, really, really hope not.

February 3, 2010

I Sharted Awesome

Is what Sadie said to Dada tonight after she passed gas while getting ready for bed.

I sharted awesome.

Yes, you did, Sadie. Yes, you did.

February 2, 2010

Lunch Bunch

Can you marry a lunch box?
Because I'm in love.
Y'all know my penchant for organizing...
What's that? Oh, right. I have no penchant for organizing. Anything. Ever.
Well, then y'all know my penchant for little tiny compartments. And for lots of food.
This is where those penchants meet and rock my world.

Look at that. Isn't it just so dang pleasing?