February 26, 2010

Good Dog.

Laddie. What can I say about Laddie?
He's a good dog.
Even though he rolls in the mud. In fact, he has created a mud pit of his very own in the yard.

Can you see the dried mud caked in his fur from his enthusiastic mud dive-bombing?
Well, you can certainly see it on our floor as it sifts off. In the waves of dirt he leaves everywhere in the house.

But he's a good dog. A great dog. A one-of-a-kind dog.
He lets Sadie sit on him, stand on him, roll on him, kiss on him, hug on him and anything else on him- and he's never, ever even grimaced. Nary a peep.

He lets her lead him around. She follows him around the yard. And he loves to run around the yard with a friend.

She takes him down the hall when she's scared that there may be a monster. After all, he's a great guard dog, and that includes monsters.

And, judging by the way she's lying in the mud with him she doesn't mind the dive-bombing at all.

A match made in heaven.


LindaT said...

Laddie is the perfect dog. Always has been.

Greerio said...

I love Laddie!