February 8, 2010

Worst. Sleepers. Ever.

They might not look like the worst sleepers ever. Because they're asleep. Don't let that fool you. This is midnight.

Exhibit A: Brother has been held for the last 4 hours while he slept & fussed
& cried, finally fell peacefully asleep and was then carefully transferred to the Boppy, hoping against hope that it works and he stays asleep.
Not the cosleeper. Or the bouncy chair. Or the swing. Because Brother will not be anywhere but in arms between 7-11pm. And then the Boppy.
Woe to those who try a different arrangement.

Exhiibit B: Sister was asleep. And woke up crying- as she does every night. At least once before we go to bed. Sometimes twice. Sometimes four times.
This time she couldn't be settled again and came out, sobbing, buried her head on my lap & went to sleep.
Eventually we all went to bed, where Sister must be snuggled all night. Why?
Because Brother is snuggled all night.
But we can't blame him, she came out of the womb like that and veeeeerrrry slowly improved. She's just regressed a bit since he came along.

See? Told you. Don't let that picture fool you.

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