February 25, 2010

Budding Artist

As you know Sadie loves to draw, and draw, and draw.
Here are a couple she did in the past couple of days.

What's this one? I have no idea.

This one? This is: Mama when she was pregnant. See mama? See the sad face because you're sick?

That is spot on, Sadie, spot on. And it made me laugh too.


Greerio said...


Schleck said...

Ok, seriously, there are tears streaming out of my eyes. You look oddly like a cross between Lisa Simpson, Ralph Wiggam, and Maggie. I think maybe you guys have been watching too much Homer. And yet she really does seem to have captured something about the emotion. I am fascinated by what I think is the mouth. It seems to be in the drawing above too. What is that dot below the bigger circle (which I am guessing is a tongue)? Is it a tooth? Are you down to one? (God forbid.) Please tell me if you figure this out!