February 21, 2010


So, when you want to build a snowman with your child (her first ever!) where do you go?
Charleston, South Carolina. If you're me.

I am known for bringing interesting and unseasonable weather wherever I go. Alaskans: Want to enjoy an extra 500 feet of snow? Mexicans: Want to build your first snowman too?
Well, just fly me out there and it's more than likely you will.

As you can see, I still believe in unicorns and tooth fairies and that I don't bring bad weather wherever I go, so I neglected to bring Sadie's hat and mittens.

My hat is just a wee bit too big.

Upon awakening, Sadie insisted we go out immediately. But mama needs her tea. So we went out in the yard right after breakfast. And got to work building some snow folks.

Putting on the eyes and buttons.

We made a mama and baby.

Hi there, snowmama. Isn't she cute?

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