August 23, 2010

Out in the Yard

I have a feeling I will be seeing this face a lot in about 10 years. Look at that expression!
Land sakes, is my daughter really only 3?

Geez, Sade-a-laide, it's just a picture!

OK, that's better.

Old Broth was too unhappy at being separated from the all-consuming and completely enthralling task of pushing around the metal kid-sized shopping cart to sit happily for a picture.

Sadie and Dada, a little wet from the sprinkler.

Mama and Sadie.

August 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dear Silas,

Happy Birthday to You!
This year has gone so fast. So very fast.

And he amazes me every day with his cuteness and smiles and silliness
and huge, beautiful, blue eyes. I try to drink it in, I know how soon that baby boy will be replaced by something just as awesome, but older.

We opened presents. A music table and ride-on toy.
The ride-on toy may be the best present ever. He loves it.

And we had some cake. Carrot cake with cream cheese icing. Yum.

He liked it. Sorry there's no video.
Do you have any idea what box we packed the video camera in?
Yeah, me neither.

But here he is in all his deliciousness:

All his sweetness.

All his cakeness.

All his ONE-ness.

August 4, 2010

Where are we?

Well, we are crazy busy. Packing, getting ready to move. Realizing how much junk we have. Swearing we'll never move again. We'll never collect this much junk again. But can I bring myself to throw out those felted sweaters or all the granny squares I crocheted a few years ago? Of course not!
Sunday is D-Day. I promise pictures very soon.

Oh, and cutting two teeth. Teeth numbers 7 & 8. Teeth that have taken almost 3 weeks to arrive. One is in, the other is halfway through but continuing to torture all.
12 more to go...12 more to go...
At the current rate of teething that should only add up to 150 more sleepless nights.
A cakewalk. Yep.