September 26, 2009

If I didn't have a colicky baby...

I would be writing some kick-ass funny stuff about the kids and what they've been doing.

But I do.

Have a colicky baby, I mean.

So I'm typing with one hand, while Silas fusses. And groans. And has boo-boos for the 1,253rd time since noon.

But I just had to post this pic. What a nutty nut I have for a daughter.

September 24, 2009

Sadie & Puddin'

First off, we had a nice, albeit short, vacation where we visited Multnomah Falls. It was fun. But most fun of all was the hotel.
As some of you may know I have a deep and abiding love for hotels. And not fine hotels, although I'm sure I would love them if I could afford them. I just love me a nice Shiloh Inn or Comfort
Inn or what have you. If there are waffles for breakfast and a pool I feel like I'm in heaven.

And it would appear that Sadie feels the same as us. She kept asking about when we were done doing whatever it was we were doing at the time- And then we'll go back to the hotel? Are we going to the hotel later? I lush (love) the hotel!

Of course, that could be directly related to the fact that in hotels all limits on TV are off. We get to the room and turn it on and watch TV the whole time. I have no idea why. We watch the morning news, Saturday cartoons, movies we've already seen 7 times, inappropriate television, the works.
Well, here we are at the falls. I've even included a picture that upon further inspection revealed exactly why my thighs don't even fit into my maternity clothes. My maternity clothes.

I have two unrelated but entertaining items to tell y'all. Wait, make that 4.

1. The doc agrees that Silas has reflux/colic but since the meds don't seem to help he does not need them. Which is great- I hated giving them to him and he hated them too.
Tell me, who decided to flavor liquid Zantac with mint?
And not just any mint. A strong, pink, Canada mint type of mint. The kind of mint that numbs your mouth.
Every time Silas got a dose he would scream and then froth at the mouth 30 minutes afterward, desperate to rid his mouth of the taste. Poor kid. So that's over, at least. Although that also means that I will have to continue sleeping at a 45 degree angle with Silas sleeping on top of me for the foreseeable future. Hey, it's that or no sleep at all for the last 3-4 hours of every night.
The good news is that even with all the spitting up Puddin' is gaining weight like a champ.

2. Oh, Puddin' is Silas' nickname. And the other 80% of the time we call him Brother. This is going to be one confused kid.
So Puddin' has gone from 8 lbs. 8 oz. to 13 lbs. 7 oz. as of today. In 5 weeks.
If you count the weight he lost right after birth he has gained a pound a week every week so far. His rolls are starting to appear and he has a big, round puppy tummy. Yum, he's so delicious.

3. Yesterday Sadie was playing with a pen and drawing. When we sat down to eat dinner and pulled Brother's chair over I noticed he has pen marks on his arm. So I asked Sadie if she had drawn on him, but she said no.
So we asked her how it had happened. Here's what she said:
Maybe when Brother was bigger he was playing with a horse and the horse scratched him and it left a line.
Then Dada said, "Did you give Brother a tattoo?"
And she grinned huge and said Yeah!

4. Sadie found a My Little Pony recently. You know, those little horses with the weird doll hair manes.
So yesterday it resurfaced and Sadie asks Dada:

S: Dada, what's this toy?
D: That's a My Little Pony.
Sadie looks very put-out by this and says:
S: No Dada, it's My little pony.

Lousy Dada, trying to steal her pony. It totally made me laugh.

September 18, 2009


So I don't have a picture to post today. I do have some interesting tidbits to report, though.

Tidbit 1: We are going on a fambly vacation. Admittedly a very small one, but we are going to see the Columbia River Gorge.

Tidbit 2: We shall be doing the above in our brand new (to us) minivan. A big ol' white minivan. I love it. I was trying to get Will to agree to a minivan before we ever even had kids- like 10 years ago. He said I was out of my mind. I finally won. Sometimes you just have to bide your time, eh? (or pop out 2 children)

Tidbit 3: My beautiful sleeper baby, Silas, has forsaken me. He has been up for much of the night fussing and whimpering. He wants to sleep, but he can't. Well, he can (FOR 30 MINUTE STRETCHES), but it involves me lying at a 45 degree angle while holding him tummy down on me while we sleep.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to do it so he (and I) can rest. But I'd rather not, you know?

Tidbit 3A: I had put in an order with the Baby Store for an easy baby. I think that I have paid/am paying my dues for the fussy-high-need baby. But I'm thinking I didn't get my order. I know people who had easy first babies who have now gotten their EASY SECOND BABIES. So it appears that their babies were given my baby's sleep habits.
I was told it was GUARANTEED that you receive an easy 2nd. Fuckers.

Tibit 3B: I don't want y'all to take this as I am disappointed in my beautiful baby Silas, light of my life. He is actually happy in general (it seems) but it appears he has some sort of reflux. So we are trying Zantac. I was giving up dairy to see if it helped his tummy but it seemed pointless with the meds. But now I am thinking I will start again after vacay and after 2 weeks try to stop the Zantac and see if that helps. I hate to give him meds at one month old.

Tidbit 4: Sadie is pooping on the potty! And peeing. Aren't you thrilled to be privy to my toddler's bodily excretions? I am riding on the coattails of Granny, who, it would appear, is not too lazy to potty train. As we have been. So we are taking charge and sticking with it.

Tidbit 5: Sadie is starting preschool next week! Granted, it is a cooperative preschool that a few moms and I are starting, but, how cool is that?
I will keep you posted.

Tidbit 6: I promise to take pictures on vacation and inundate you with them upon our return.

September 13, 2009


Some almost 4 weeks old pictures of Silas:

September 8, 2009

Picture Day

Finally tried to take some pictures today while it was still light out and warm.
Here's my oldest monkey:

She's been wanting to hold her brother. She's also been wanting to punch her brother.

Par for the course, as I understand it.

Here's brother. I took a ton of pictures of him and finally got something like a smile:

He's still pretty pink and is still peeling. If I were one of those fancy photoshop folks I would have him looking all pearly and smooth. But I have no idea what I'm doing, so here he is in all his unshopped glory. Although I do like the old-timey look of this one that I messed with:

But most of the pictures came out like this:

Or like this:

What can I say? He wasn't feeling the whole picture experience. All he did was groan and creak throughout. He's a real creaky baby- he can let out a creak every few seconds for 30 minutes straight.

Anyway, we are all doing well. Silas is sleeping well and nursing great (he gained a pound in 1 week!). And, even though Sadie is having some trouble adjusting she is still interested in helping with Silas and holding him. And, like I said, punching him (or pretending to, really).

I think this picture sums it up nicely: