September 8, 2009

Picture Day

Finally tried to take some pictures today while it was still light out and warm.
Here's my oldest monkey:

She's been wanting to hold her brother. She's also been wanting to punch her brother.

Par for the course, as I understand it.

Here's brother. I took a ton of pictures of him and finally got something like a smile:

He's still pretty pink and is still peeling. If I were one of those fancy photoshop folks I would have him looking all pearly and smooth. But I have no idea what I'm doing, so here he is in all his unshopped glory. Although I do like the old-timey look of this one that I messed with:

But most of the pictures came out like this:

Or like this:

What can I say? He wasn't feeling the whole picture experience. All he did was groan and creak throughout. He's a real creaky baby- he can let out a creak every few seconds for 30 minutes straight.

Anyway, we are all doing well. Silas is sleeping well and nursing great (he gained a pound in 1 week!). And, even though Sadie is having some trouble adjusting she is still interested in helping with Silas and holding him. And, like I said, punching him (or pretending to, really).

I think this picture sums it up nicely:


LindaT said...

Love those babies!

Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

haa haa... you crack me up. I love the pirate one!

the eater bunny said...

you done good