September 18, 2009


So I don't have a picture to post today. I do have some interesting tidbits to report, though.

Tidbit 1: We are going on a fambly vacation. Admittedly a very small one, but we are going to see the Columbia River Gorge.

Tidbit 2: We shall be doing the above in our brand new (to us) minivan. A big ol' white minivan. I love it. I was trying to get Will to agree to a minivan before we ever even had kids- like 10 years ago. He said I was out of my mind. I finally won. Sometimes you just have to bide your time, eh? (or pop out 2 children)

Tidbit 3: My beautiful sleeper baby, Silas, has forsaken me. He has been up for much of the night fussing and whimpering. He wants to sleep, but he can't. Well, he can (FOR 30 MINUTE STRETCHES), but it involves me lying at a 45 degree angle while holding him tummy down on me while we sleep.
Now, don't get me wrong, I'm happy to do it so he (and I) can rest. But I'd rather not, you know?

Tidbit 3A: I had put in an order with the Baby Store for an easy baby. I think that I have paid/am paying my dues for the fussy-high-need baby. But I'm thinking I didn't get my order. I know people who had easy first babies who have now gotten their EASY SECOND BABIES. So it appears that their babies were given my baby's sleep habits.
I was told it was GUARANTEED that you receive an easy 2nd. Fuckers.

Tibit 3B: I don't want y'all to take this as I am disappointed in my beautiful baby Silas, light of my life. He is actually happy in general (it seems) but it appears he has some sort of reflux. So we are trying Zantac. I was giving up dairy to see if it helped his tummy but it seemed pointless with the meds. But now I am thinking I will start again after vacay and after 2 weeks try to stop the Zantac and see if that helps. I hate to give him meds at one month old.

Tidbit 4: Sadie is pooping on the potty! And peeing. Aren't you thrilled to be privy to my toddler's bodily excretions? I am riding on the coattails of Granny, who, it would appear, is not too lazy to potty train. As we have been. So we are taking charge and sticking with it.

Tidbit 5: Sadie is starting preschool next week! Granted, it is a cooperative preschool that a few moms and I are starting, but, how cool is that?
I will keep you posted.

Tidbit 6: I promise to take pictures on vacation and inundate you with them upon our return.


Jamie said...

I had two easy babies who have turned into two crazy impossible toddlers. So, maybe things will calm down for you. Or maybe you and I can go to the bahamas with a bottle of xanax and some earplugs and forget our phones while the kids are with their papas!

Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

FYI...Natalie is not sleeping well since she decided to pop out teeth at 5 months. I had to sign a special form when I put in my request for a second easy baby saying I would accept numerous interuptions in easy baby behavior. You must not have checked that box.