November 26, 2011


Things have been pretty hectic around here. Holiday Market has been taking up a lot of time.
I take out my camera to take some pictures of the kids and then 5 hours later I'm putting it away, unused.

But the nerds are great. A few funny things they have said recently:

Sadie touched my nose the other day and I guess it was a little oily. So she yells, Yuck! I have your nose butter on my finger!
I told her it served her right, that's what happens when you grab a person's nose.

Silas calls birds peep peeps and the word big is Wow.
So what does he call Big Bird of Sesame Street fame?
Yep, Wow Peep Peep!

Sadie asked if Santa knows what people are thinking. This conjured up images of some futuristic, creepy, thought-crime fighting Santa. I assured her that, no, he could not.

We went to IHOP. Silas calls it HiHop. He was even dreaming about it, saying HiHop, HiHop in his sleep. So I made him pancakes for breakfast.
Sadie keeps calling it iPod. Which shows you how much she likes the iPod.

In fact, I have taken to hiding the iPods because my children are completely obsessed with them.

Silas gives Sadie a hug and says, My Deedee.
She loves it.

Sadie picks up Silas and carries him around. They both love that.

And seeing how Thanksgiving was the other day, I want to say that I am thankful for:

My two gorgeous, smart children.
My lovely, supportive hubby.
My mangy, old flea-bitten animals.
Enough to eat and a roof over our heads that we love, even though it ain't fancy.
And all of you!

November 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

No October would be complete without a visit to the pumpkin patch.

Even if we did grow three gigantic ones of our own.

Who doesn't like sitting in a field of pumpkins?

Or having your mama tell you to look at her every 3 minutes so she can take a picture?

Or sitting on a real Eee? All machines with wheels are called E. I don't really know how to spell it. You'd have to ask him.

Plus, it's a built-in excuse to drink apple cider and eat apple cider donuts.

Not that you really need one.

November 1, 2011

Cat and Mouse

Here they are on Halloween.

Sadie said, upon seeing her fancy eyelashes, Mama, I'm the queen of the mousies!

They've just spotted some cheese.

Being the loudest kids in the neighborhood. As usual.

And check out the skirt. You didn't think that Sadie could be an un-fancy mouse, did you?

Here's what happens a couple of days before Halloween when you buy candy corn and decide to give your two year-old, who thinks fruit leather is dessert, a piece. And say,
Only one, YiYi. No more.

Yeah, he follows you around crying, Mo! Mo, Mama!
So you take a picture, because he's cute.

Trick or treating was lots of fun.
Silas learned to say trick or treat, which actually came out as, Keekeekeet!
And then after he got the goodies he'd say, Ankooo! (Thank you!)
It was very cute.

And, yeah, I think we got enough goodies. Don't you?