November 1, 2011

Cat and Mouse

Here they are on Halloween.

Sadie said, upon seeing her fancy eyelashes, Mama, I'm the queen of the mousies!

They've just spotted some cheese.

Being the loudest kids in the neighborhood. As usual.

And check out the skirt. You didn't think that Sadie could be an un-fancy mouse, did you?

Here's what happens a couple of days before Halloween when you buy candy corn and decide to give your two year-old, who thinks fruit leather is dessert, a piece. And say,
Only one, YiYi. No more.

Yeah, he follows you around crying, Mo! Mo, Mama!
So you take a picture, because he's cute.

Trick or treating was lots of fun.
Silas learned to say trick or treat, which actually came out as, Keekeekeet!
And then after he got the goodies he'd say, Ankooo! (Thank you!)
It was very cute.

And, yeah, I think we got enough goodies. Don't you?

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