April 28, 2009


On a walk at a local hazelnut farm.

April 22, 2009


So we went to the midwives today for my monthly look-see. So I thought I would update all of you.
Sadie came with me and was very excited to listen to the heartbeep, as she calls it.

The ultrasound showed that the placenta is too close to the cervix right now. But that is something that usually changes. As your uterus gets bigger the placenta moves away most of the time. So we will have to have another ultrasound in the 3rd trimester to be certain it has moved. If it hasn't then they begin discussing other options, namely c-sections. Yikes!
But something like 90% of placentas get out of the way in time, so I'm choosing not to worry until I have to.

So the heartbeep is plugging along. I am 22 weeks on Friday. Only 18 more (at the most- PLEASE!) to go!

And I would tell you how much weight I've gained in the past 4 weeks- but then I'd have to kill you.

April 20, 2009

Hammin' it up

It has been 80 degrees here the last couple of days so we have been outside soaking up the sun and playing in the yard. 
Yesterday we were at the store and saw one of those popsicle makers that you fill and put in the freezer. So we bought it and got home and made up some fruit smoothie popsicles. 
I told Sadie they would freeze and be ready after her nap while we played in the yard. I told her this approximately 900 times, each time in response to the same two questions, asked 450 times each: When we eat popsicles, Mama? When popsicles ready, mama?  

Well, finally, upon waking the popsicles were ready. And they were delicious. Sadie ate two, and seeing how they are entirely fruit I just didn't see how that could be bad. But I did see that popsicles should only be eaten by this 2 year-old out of doors. 

Look at these pictures and you'll see why too. Oh, and you'll also see why I named this post what I named it.

Sadie realizes I'm taking pictures:

Sadie realizes she can see her own reflection in the lens:

Sadie starts saying Look at me, Mama! Look at this one!

And my favorite:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: What a nut!

April 18, 2009

Miss Manners

I am aware that I'm biased, but I happen to think I have a very sweet child. 
She says thank you, is getting better at saying please (puuuh-lease), and is just generally pretty nice. And she thanks me for dinner most nights. And, always for chocolate (of course). 

She doesn't mind sharing, and occasionally when folks are over and she starts to get a little toddler-esque in the sharing department. You know, when a 2 year old sees others playing with their toys and starts to lose it? 
Well, I usually just say Well, Sadie, we're sharing. Remember, how we share with our friends? And she'll say OK, Mama. And be fine. The first time that worked I was surprised. And I keep waiting for it to stop- but so far, so good- although I'm sure I've just jinxed myself.

But, anyway, my point. The other day we went to the playground and met up with some friends. As we were leaving we were walking towards the car and Sadie, out of nowhere, says, Thank you for taking me to the park, Mama. It was just so sweet. 

I hope that we are raising a thoughtful, considerate child. We're trying...

But, before this post gets too braggy, I've got to tell you that the recent unearthly screaming and crying when I take another instrument of cat torture away from her after a couple of warnings is a sight to hear and behold. And I mean it's banshee material. Sheesh. 

Well, nobody's perfect. 

April 15, 2009

The Boy

So here are some pictures from our ultrasound. The first one is a crotch shot, which I debated putting on but then decided that if people were weirded out by an ultrasound shot of a penis in utero there was no hope for them.

So here is the "boy" shot:

A profile:

The somewhat freaky but also somewhat cool 3D shot of his face.

And man, oh man this kid moves around a ton but he's still small enough that I don't feel every movement- even though I feel a lot. But when we could see how much he was moving around it was crazy. This kid is already hyperactive, kicking and punching and having a grand old time in there. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how he was such a mover.

Still debating names here. It's kind of fun. Usually you get one that just feels "right," that's what happened with Sadie's name. So we're trying different names on  for size to see if one fits.

April 14, 2009

It's a...


I promise I am working on getting those ultrasound pictures up here. It involves an old printer and drivers and such issues. 
I will prevail, though!

For now, feel free to brainstorm some names. We've thought of a few tonight, but we're looking for more suggestions.

April 12, 2009

Egg Hunt

Sadie's first egg hunt at her friend Aiden's house was a hit. 

At first she didn't get it. Then she spotted an egg and had a ball finding more. And seeing what was inside them. She ate 6 Cadbury Mini Eggs in a row. Crunch, crunch, crunch. 

I can't believe she took a 2 hour nap after all the candy she's had today.

Oh, and the Bunny came and brought her some toys and chocolate. As for whether or not he peeked at us while we were sleeping, I'm hoping no. I'm just glad I'm blissfully unaware if he did.

Oh, and for those who don't know, we have our big ultrasound on Tuesday. That's the one where, as long as the baby's cooperating, we find out if it's a boy or a girl.
What do you think?
Most are saying boy, with a few girl holdouts. Me? I'm not sure, which is weird because I was so sure with Sadie. 
I will be updating the blog on Tuesday when I know!

April 9, 2009

Spring Bunny

So Sadie knows that Sunday is Easter. And that a bunny comes and brings you treats. And, yes, she is excited for those treats. My kid does not turn down chocolate. Ever.
We even had some friends over to decorate eggs the other day. I told her that the bunny will hide them for her to find. And that he does this all while we're sleeping.

And, of course, he brings bubbles too.

So tonight while brushing her teeth she told me that the Easter Bunny was going to come and "peek at us in bed while we're sleeping." 

Now I'm scared.

No, seriously, where does she get this stuff? I laughed and laughed. She gets to be more fun every day.


April 5, 2009


We have a routine every night. Dada gives Sadie her bath. Then they do "muscles," which is a massage with some delicious oils and essential oils I mixed up, then pajamas. Oh wait, somewhere in there we have "Nakey Baby" for a few minutes. This is where Sadie runs out to me (sitting on my fat butt enjoying the fact that I am not the one doing her bath) and yells Nakey Baby! and snuggles with me. 
Sometimes she asks for Baby Buyyito (Burrito), where I wrap her in a big blanket like a burrito and we snuggle and sing songs. 
Then when it's time for bed we go into the bedroom and Sadie gives Dada kisses goodnight. She has to be the one to close the door, of course. But what kills me is what she tells Dada. Here's a rundown:

Goodnight Dada!
Lush You!
Wait, I has to kiss your eyes. Wait, I has to kiss your forehead.
OK, Dada, you can play with my toys, Dada. OK?
another kiss or 10...
OK, Dada, you can play with Ruby and Mr. Bird, Dada. (the cats)
But don't chase them, Dada. No chasing Mr. Bird and Ruby. You can walk with them Dada.
Dada agrees and they give some more kisses. Then she watches him walk down the hall and yells, really loudly, ADIOS!

I love the adios! It never fails to make me laugh. She just does it on her own. 
Then she and I read some books. And she has Chocolate Booboo- the left side, don't ask, this kid is crazy. Then, god willing, she goes to sleep. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from the yard the other day. She was walking with Ruby, a favorite pastime of hers. The line between walking and chasing is easily crossed 'round these parts, though. But this time Ruby was following Sadie around the yard.

April 1, 2009

Whale Watching

We went to the coast to try to see whales. Since at this time of year they are often 5 miles off the shore they were difficult to see. Or they would have been, had any passed while we were there.
We're thinking we'll try again in May, when the mama whales and baby whales swim north closer to shore. My midwife even said that she and her kids saw a baby whale having booboos one year. Whale booboos!!
Sadie would plotz if she saw that.

Anyway, here are some shots from that day.