April 20, 2009

Hammin' it up

It has been 80 degrees here the last couple of days so we have been outside soaking up the sun and playing in the yard. 
Yesterday we were at the store and saw one of those popsicle makers that you fill and put in the freezer. So we bought it and got home and made up some fruit smoothie popsicles. 
I told Sadie they would freeze and be ready after her nap while we played in the yard. I told her this approximately 900 times, each time in response to the same two questions, asked 450 times each: When we eat popsicles, Mama? When popsicles ready, mama?  

Well, finally, upon waking the popsicles were ready. And they were delicious. Sadie ate two, and seeing how they are entirely fruit I just didn't see how that could be bad. But I did see that popsicles should only be eaten by this 2 year-old out of doors. 

Look at these pictures and you'll see why too. Oh, and you'll also see why I named this post what I named it.

Sadie realizes I'm taking pictures:

Sadie realizes she can see her own reflection in the lens:

Sadie starts saying Look at me, Mama! Look at this one!

And my favorite:

I've said it before and I'll say it again: What a nut!


Anonymous said...

I love every minute of the blog every time, BUT this is the best!!!
Love You & Thank You

jamie said...

try banana-apple-white grape for indoor pops!

Nicoolmama said...

What a doll face little girl!! Her curls and her eyes are gorgeous!!! I found you from the Mothering site..
Are you having a boy or a girl?

sadiecakes said...

We're having a boy this time around. Thanks for the compliments!