April 5, 2009


We have a routine every night. Dada gives Sadie her bath. Then they do "muscles," which is a massage with some delicious oils and essential oils I mixed up, then pajamas. Oh wait, somewhere in there we have "Nakey Baby" for a few minutes. This is where Sadie runs out to me (sitting on my fat butt enjoying the fact that I am not the one doing her bath) and yells Nakey Baby! and snuggles with me. 
Sometimes she asks for Baby Buyyito (Burrito), where I wrap her in a big blanket like a burrito and we snuggle and sing songs. 
Then when it's time for bed we go into the bedroom and Sadie gives Dada kisses goodnight. She has to be the one to close the door, of course. But what kills me is what she tells Dada. Here's a rundown:

Goodnight Dada!
Lush You!
Wait, I has to kiss your eyes. Wait, I has to kiss your forehead.
OK, Dada, you can play with my toys, Dada. OK?
another kiss or 10...
OK, Dada, you can play with Ruby and Mr. Bird, Dada. (the cats)
But don't chase them, Dada. No chasing Mr. Bird and Ruby. You can walk with them Dada.
Dada agrees and they give some more kisses. Then she watches him walk down the hall and yells, really loudly, ADIOS!

I love the adios! It never fails to make me laugh. She just does it on her own. 
Then she and I read some books. And she has Chocolate Booboo- the left side, don't ask, this kid is crazy. Then, god willing, she goes to sleep. 

Anyway, here are some pictures from the yard the other day. She was walking with Ruby, a favorite pastime of hers. The line between walking and chasing is easily crossed 'round these parts, though. But this time Ruby was following Sadie around the yard.


Homemade and Homegrown Mama said...

Hey, now I can follow you too!! Not that I don't usually know what you're up to, but still. Fun. I wonder if I'll be any better at keeping a blog up. Guess only time will tell. Oh and no baby yet. grr....

Rachel said...

What a cutie!! The idea of Will chasing the cats around is particularly hilarious. Hope to see you guys soon!