April 18, 2009

Miss Manners

I am aware that I'm biased, but I happen to think I have a very sweet child. 
She says thank you, is getting better at saying please (puuuh-lease), and is just generally pretty nice. And she thanks me for dinner most nights. And, always for chocolate (of course). 

She doesn't mind sharing, and occasionally when folks are over and she starts to get a little toddler-esque in the sharing department. You know, when a 2 year old sees others playing with their toys and starts to lose it? 
Well, I usually just say Well, Sadie, we're sharing. Remember, how we share with our friends? And she'll say OK, Mama. And be fine. The first time that worked I was surprised. And I keep waiting for it to stop- but so far, so good- although I'm sure I've just jinxed myself.

But, anyway, my point. The other day we went to the playground and met up with some friends. As we were leaving we were walking towards the car and Sadie, out of nowhere, says, Thank you for taking me to the park, Mama. It was just so sweet. 

I hope that we are raising a thoughtful, considerate child. We're trying...

But, before this post gets too braggy, I've got to tell you that the recent unearthly screaming and crying when I take another instrument of cat torture away from her after a couple of warnings is a sight to hear and behold. And I mean it's banshee material. Sheesh. 

Well, nobody's perfect. 

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