October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

We had a nice Halloween day.
At a little theater downtown they had a free Halloween celebration where they showed a couple of kids' movies. And then we trick or treated on Main Street.
We had to wait in line:
But we got CHOCOLATE. Yum.
My child was uncooperative when it came to taking pictures. And by the time I could have gotten a nice one it was pouring down rain. We trick or treated just in the nick of time.

Sadie was Tinkerbell. Sort of. Since her costume was based around a black leotard, sparkles and green boas, she was like Tinkerbell's garish cousin. Who wears boas.

Man, this kid does love her a boa.

And Silas was a tree.
He just wore brown and we made him a hat. Sadie had decided before he was even born that he would be a tree. What a great idea that was.

And fitting, since his name meas "forest."

October 25, 2009

Fashion Sense

My child thinks this outfit matches.

She will pull out that shirt while I'll try to pull out some brown or pink pants and she will say,
No Mama, I has to wear the pants that match.
See? These match!
(said with amusement) No, they don't.
Yes, yes they do, Mama! See?

Oh, yes, of course. Now I see!
That is some outfit.

October 20, 2009

Off the Charts

Silas had his 2 month doctor's appointment yesterday. Two months!
He was pronounced healthy and cute as a button.

What? Don't all doctors assess button cuteness?

Well, maybe he didn't pronounce him cute as a button. But you can't argue with the facts, now, can you?

The doctor did walk into the room chuckling, though. The nurse had measured and weighed Silas before he came in and the doc had charted his growth on the baby growth chart.

Silas is in the 95th percentile for height. And in no percentile for weight. Nope, none.
Because he is over the 100th. Because he is 16 pounds. Because he is HUGE. Because I am already packing up a lot of his 3-6 month clothes.

He is off the charts.

And his percentile on the button cuteness charts?
Sheesh, you don't even wanna know.

October 15, 2009


A new baby requires adjustments.
Back to the constant nursing, the sleep issues (HA!- like we ever outgrew those with #1), the never-ending attention.

2.5 year olds may be high maintenance but they can understand that you need a minute. Babies can't wait long, so they get more attention. Your time is most definitely not your own.
But that's just us, Sadie has had to do the most adjusting.

After all, she had been the only game in town for 2 years and 8 months.
And then brother arrived.

This what she thinks of brother most of the time:

Though she will profess her love for brother out of nowhere. Occasionally. But doesn't like him much.

But hey, he doesn't do anything fun yet. What's to like?
If you're almost 3 years old, of course. I like him just fine, thank you very much.

I can only hope that the like will arrive at some point. I'm sure it will. They'll adjust.

Then they'll team up against us, their loving parents. Conspire to pull the wool over our eyes. Have parties when we're gone. Agree with each other that we're hopeless eejits who have absolutely no idea about anything.
And that's gonna take some adjusting too.

I hope that they do find that camaraderie. I hope they see each other as a partner in crime and love and support each other.
Even if they do drive us crazy sometimes.
Lousy kids.

October 7, 2009


Don't you just love fresh bread?

Squishy, doughy cheeks...

The round curve of a risen tummy...

A loaf waiting to go into the oven...

Soft, tasty rolls. My God, the rolls...

And those tiny, pudgy breadsticks. I could just eat them all up.

Look. Even he can't get enough.

October 3, 2009

You're never fully dressed without...

A smile. His first.

There's nothing better.