October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

We had a nice Halloween day.
At a little theater downtown they had a free Halloween celebration where they showed a couple of kids' movies. And then we trick or treated on Main Street.
We had to wait in line:
But we got CHOCOLATE. Yum.
My child was uncooperative when it came to taking pictures. And by the time I could have gotten a nice one it was pouring down rain. We trick or treated just in the nick of time.

Sadie was Tinkerbell. Sort of. Since her costume was based around a black leotard, sparkles and green boas, she was like Tinkerbell's garish cousin. Who wears boas.

Man, this kid does love her a boa.

And Silas was a tree.
He just wore brown and we made him a hat. Sadie had decided before he was even born that he would be a tree. What a great idea that was.

And fitting, since his name meas "forest."

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maparker77 said...

Nothing made me more excited than seeing my niece dressed as tinkerbell. I love it. She is so precious. Big kisses to my little tink.