October 25, 2009

Fashion Sense

My child thinks this outfit matches.

She will pull out that shirt while I'll try to pull out some brown or pink pants and she will say,
No Mama, I has to wear the pants that match.
See? These match!
(said with amusement) No, they don't.
Yes, yes they do, Mama! See?

Oh, yes, of course. Now I see!
That is some outfit.


Larry said...

I think Sadie has a bold and daring fashion sense. The pants have a small pattern and the top has a large bold one. I think they go together great. Of course your mother still dresses me when wego out lol.
Love you guys

Anonymous said...

This is one of Granny's favorite outfits because all the colors are there, it's clean, it fits and it makes Sadie HAPPY. LOVE YOU

Grammy said...

Obviously, Sadie is going to be a quilter when she grows up. The combination of these two fabrics is ideal for quilting...the colors/shapes repeat in each fabric and the scale is different. Perfect!