October 15, 2009


A new baby requires adjustments.
Back to the constant nursing, the sleep issues (HA!- like we ever outgrew those with #1), the never-ending attention.

2.5 year olds may be high maintenance but they can understand that you need a minute. Babies can't wait long, so they get more attention. Your time is most definitely not your own.
But that's just us, Sadie has had to do the most adjusting.

After all, she had been the only game in town for 2 years and 8 months.
And then brother arrived.

This what she thinks of brother most of the time:

Though she will profess her love for brother out of nowhere. Occasionally. But doesn't like him much.

But hey, he doesn't do anything fun yet. What's to like?
If you're almost 3 years old, of course. I like him just fine, thank you very much.

I can only hope that the like will arrive at some point. I'm sure it will. They'll adjust.

Then they'll team up against us, their loving parents. Conspire to pull the wool over our eyes. Have parties when we're gone. Agree with each other that we're hopeless eejits who have absolutely no idea about anything.
And that's gonna take some adjusting too.

I hope that they do find that camaraderie. I hope they see each other as a partner in crime and love and support each other.
Even if they do drive us crazy sometimes.
Lousy kids.


Larry said...

Welcome to our long ago but never forgotten world of parenting. Sounds like deja vue all over again.
Great pix
Love ya Grandpa

Rachel said...

More Pics!