January 28, 2008

Dancing Queen

My baby loves to dance.
I love to put on music and dance and sing with her. It's our favorite thing to do when Daddy's not home.
Today we put on some music from all sorts of genres. Here's one I knew she would like, and she did, just watch. Oh, and excuse the occasional nasal vocal by yours truly, made even better by the sinus infection I am getting over. You're just lucky I didn't sing the whole thing- I could have!


Sadie can meow. She meows when she sees the cats, when we ask her about cats, when there are pictures of cats. She loves to meow. And when you ask her what other animals say- guess what she says?
Find out below:

Let it Snow!

We had snow. Five inches of it! So I got to bundle the baby up and go outside and play. Laddie was the most excited of all. He hasn't seen a lot of good snow in a yard he can run around in since Vermont. He was having a blast and even escaped down the street- but came back to me, and for those of you who have played Laddie's fun game "You Can't Catch Me!" you know how thankful I was.
Pictures of Sadie's first snow:

Daddy raking the snow. No, of course we don't have a snow shovel! Eugene and Springfield don't even have plows.

January 23, 2008

A girl and her bike

Hey, it's not raining, so we are doing our best to go outside. Even though the ground is frozen and it's cold. And yes, I know I get no sympathy from you east coasters since y'all are freezing your butts off.
So, outside. We took her trike out again today and took pics along the way. I will just say that Sadie ABSOLUTELY LOVES this bike. LOVES!
And no, I am not a horrible mother: I kept putting her mittens on but that sneaky baby has learned how to take them off.
Enjoy the pics.

January 20, 2008


Sadie is a big fan of all things being a phone. Including, erm, the phone. Here she is "talking" on the phone.

And for those of you who weren't thoroughly bored by the first video I present more of the same!

Puppy Love

A girl and her dog, and cats. Can you beat it? Sadie LOVES the pets and they (sometimes) love her. Prudence gets all attacky but why does she come out and rub all over Sadie? She tries to get Sadie to pet her but is surprised when her tail ends up yanked. Somewhere down deep Prudence likes her, it seems.
Here she is giving Prudence hugs:

And the dog... You know we have the sweetest dog on Earth. Here she is hugging him and here is a video that is a testament to how awesome and sweet our Laddie is:

Clingiest Baby In Town

Sadie has been soooo clingy. You'd better not put her down or you'll be in trouble! You'd better not leave the room! Especially Daddy. Sadie gets really mad when Daddy leaves. She's constantly hanging and whining and trying to get UP UP UP. Of course, she has been sick so that doesn't help. But they say separation anxiety can kick in right. about. now. And it is.
So these are our views of Sadie these days:

A selection of pics from Christmas and Birthday

Thank you all for your hospitality, warm birthday wishes and awesome presents!
We miss you!