June 5, 2007

Sadie's first cereal

We gave Sadie her first oatmeal on Tuesday 6/5. Her first cereal of any kind, actually.

What did she think of it? Well, she definitely wasn't too excited. Everything I've read about feeding your baby says to follow cues and not force so if she doesn't want it she doesn't have to have it.

I tried again today, again with oatmeal. She had a lot of fun spitting it out. I gave her her own spoon and she had a good time trying to get it into her mouth. I don't think she swallowed anything, though.

And the faces she made when she got banana! I don't know if she swallowed some and that felt strange to her or what. But she did not like that.

I am posting a few pics and there will be videos to see soon.

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