June 5, 2007

Why, hello!

Well, here we are, joining the blogosphere. Hopefully I will get to post often and keep all y'all up to date on the life and times of Sadie. And the life and times of her parents too.


Daddy said...

Hi Guys

Just seeing if this comment thing works


Grandma Pearl said...

Mystie says: You're blog ate our comment!!! We'll try one more time. Can't subscribe; when I click "Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) on the bottom of your blog, it opens a window full of your html for the blog. Weired, no? You might want to look into that. Perhaps there is an FAQ section. --Mystie

Pearl says: With much anticipation we're looking forward to the blog, as soon as we get to know how to work it. Yelling and screaming, I'm being dragged into the 21st century. At my age, it's tough!!! But it's an experience I'm looking forward to. Love you all. Grandma Pearl