August 30, 2008


As most of you know Prudence is the name of one of our cats, and we call her Rudy, or P.R. Rudy. Well, Sadie has fallen in love with "Ruby," as she calls her.
She yells "Ruby, Ruby cat!" with glee when she spots her, she chases her around, she sits near (on) her, she kisses her, she hugs her, she pokes her lovingly with objects.

And anyone who knows Ruby knows that she has a threshold of the amount of love she can take at any given moment. And it ain't particularly high.

But Ruby shows amazing restraint with Sadie.
Just watch:

Hey Ruby. We're on the floor. This is fun. Hi Ruby!

Where are you going? Oh, the office? I'll come too!

Look, I can lie here too! What?

Prudence has run away. Where's Ruby?

Oh, hey Ruby. If I stretch out my foot I can just about reach you...

What? (After I tell her for the 7,000th time to please stop annoying Ruby) We're playing!

She will not leave this cat alone.
And I know that it stresses Ruby out, but in Sadie's defense Ruby is just stubborn enough that she refuses to move, as Mr. Bird does. So I think Sadie truly believes she wants to play with her, after all, she doesn't run away from me!

And when Sadie is just hanging and minding her own business guess what testy, cranky old cat comes over and winds around her ankles? That's right- Ruby cat!
Sheesh, talk about a mixed message!

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