September 2, 2008

Tantrum Central

The title says it all. Here are some blurry pics of a few minutes in the life of Sadie these days. Today she sank down to the floor and had a mini tantrum about 10 times.
Why? Well...

1. At her friend's house today the cat didn't want to let her annoy him.
2. The cat went outside and we didn't follow.
3. No more playing with Playdoh. Which of course didn't beckon to her until we were leaving.
4. Wanted Boo-boos.
5. I have no idea.
6. maybe something about blackberries.
7. Wanted to see non-existent airplane.
8. Still not sure, Will wasn't sure either.
9. Who knows?
10. Wanted pretzels. Got pretzels. No longer wanted pretzels. Sinks to floor.

I can feel a new molar popping through, so I think that's the real reason for the upsets.
But can you see that blurry smile?

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