September 3, 2008

The Lower Forty

OK, well maybe it's only the lower forty inches, but sometimes I feel like for such a small backyard there is such a large assortment of treats growing.
Of course, there's the garden. And while it hasn't produced as much as I'd like I have learned a thing or two for next year's garden.

Then, just growing randomly, we have grapes, yellow plums, purple plums, pears and blackberries. Yum!
If I get a hankering for some fruit I just step outside and pluck and eat.

Like this:

This has not been a great year for tomatoes. But there are enough for salads and sauce, but not enough to freeze and can.
Sadie doesn't care, though, she just wants enough that she can pick maynoes.

Now, the blackberries are another story. They are nuisance plants out here. They seem to not need a single drop of rain in order to grow. It's pretty crazy. And while keeping them from taking over is a real pain you do get a delicious reward. And we've been getting a pint of delicious rewards every day:

I don't know what we'll do this winter. Sadie is obsessed with Boways. Black Boways. Picking black boways.
It's gonna be a rude awakening when they're all gone and the rains sweep in.

And here's dinner. Made of our homegrown tomatoes and zucchini.
And mozzarella made from our cow, Bessie's, milk. Oh, I forgot to mention we bought a cow?

No I didn't forget. I'm lying.

And here's the dessert. Apple-blackberry pies. I can't even explain how delicious these were. Will even ate some for breakfast.

And Sadie wasn't refusing to eat them either.

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