September 20, 2008


Like anyone else, Sadie has her quirks. She likes certain things a certain way. Or has a funny way of looking at stuff.
And, like I said, I know everyone has their quirks, but when it's your own kid you find them entertaining and you wonder where the heck they came from.

I'm sure my parents are still wondering why I'm so dang weird.

Like with All done. We desperately taught her all done in sign language and words because when she was smaller her favorite thing to do was decide she was done eating and 1/1000th of a millisecond later she would toss all of her food to the floor.

Eventually, she got it. She didn't really stop throwing food, but she took to all done like a duck to water. She not only says all done, but signs it at the same time. And, if she thinks you aren't getting the message fast enough, she takes both hands and signs about 1-1/2 inches from your nose while saying all done, all done.

But all done has morphed into no as well.
If you ask her if she wants something she justs says all done. Before she's had it- All done.
If you look at her when she doesn't want you to look at her- All done. All done Mommy.
Hey Sadie, want to go inside? All done inside.

You get the idea. We hear these two words about 75 times a day.
And I swear this is true- the other night Will and I got into bed where Sadie was already asleep. She, in her sleep, gave a little stretch and murmured All done. Really.

Then there's a new one: Want.
Sadie has suddenly decided that reading books is not enough. She wants the pictures in the books to come out of the books.
So she lightly grabs/scratches at the picture and says Want, want. She gets very upset when I tell her that the characters live in the book and we can't get them out. I try telling her how we can visit them whenever we want and that seems to make it a bit better.

I completely understand this problem. Who doesn't want their favorite book characters to come visit? Or to go visit them. But still, what a nut! I've never heard of this being an issue.

And, finally, she pretty much calls any lady Granny. Or Gahnny.
The other day we were sitting in traffic on a country road due to an accident up ahead. We were stuck for over an hour and everyone was out of their cars and wandering around.
We were talking to two women in their 50s or 60s. Sadie looked at them and said, Gahnny! One, two. Two Gahnnies!
We thought it was pretty funny.

So those are three quirky things I can think of off the top of my head.
I'm sure there's tons more. I know there's tons more. But I'm all done for the night.
All done blog.

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