September 26, 2008

Apple Pie with the Apple of My Eye

We bought a whole bunch of delicious apples at the farmer's market. They just have boxes of them, 3 for $1 and you pick out whatever kind you want and take 'em on home.

So we did.

And, apple pie being my absolute favorite, we made an apple pie. Actually, really my favorite pie is crust. I don't care that much what is in the pie as long as there's a thick, flaky crust. In fact, I think next time I might just make a crust and fill it with ice cream.

But, now that I've wiped the drool off my chin, I'll show you how we did it.

First we took out the Rotato. Yes, it's the Rotato. And I love it. And not only does it peel potatoes, but it peels apples. And I love it.

We peeled some strips of inner apple for Sadie to eat, too.

Here's just a lovely shot of Sadie, I kind of like it. She does this a lot.

Hmmm, I didn't show you the crust making. Well, I made that ahead of time and chilled it a bit. I learned the hard way recently not to involve Sadie in any project that requires careful measuring of flour. Let's just say she gets a little too enthusiastic with the cup of flour. Yes, let's leave it at that.

Anyway, so we rolled out the crust. Sadie has her own rolling pin.

What is she doing? Well, she's making pie dots. That's the secret to a really great bottom crust, you know. You just poke it repeatedly with your fingers after you've rolled it out, like so:

Um, no. It's not the secret to great crust. She just liked doing it. The crust was great, though. So maybe it is the secret.

Now we've dumped the apples in the crust. I've just realized I also neglected to show you the cutting and seasoning of the apples. Well, thankfully, you're here to see Sadie.
You'll have to get a cookbook if you wanted the actual recipe for apple pie. Sheesh, this isn't a food blog, people.

Notice Sadie eyeing those apples above? Well, here she goes, stealing them. If you look closely or enlarge the picture by clicking on it you will see a special prize on top. That is the apple she took out, bit a chunk off, and put back:

And she went back for more. Do you now see the THREE apples minus one bite on top?
That girl was moving fast:

So we quickly put the top crust on. But did that stop her?
Sadie? Hey, we just...

...put that crust on and..., you must really like cinnamon sugar apples:

Well, now you know the real secret to a good pie: Letting a toddler nibble on half of the contents. Are any of you ever going to eat anything I serve you ever again now? No?
Well, we'll just have to order in then.

Alright, crust closed back up. Let's decorate it!

Dada came over and took a picture of us. Here I am in all my delightful glory. Enjoy:

Look at it, all covered in hearts and stars.
I love pies with hearts and stars. So does Sadie.

And it was gooooood. Yes, it was.

I hope I haven't scared you off of my pies. They're really tasty. Even if a little mouse nibbles on them.

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