September 13, 2008


Sadie loves to go get the mail. It might even be more fun than picking black boways, but I'm not sure about it being better than picking maynoes.

We go to the gate and walk down the driveway to get the mail.

Well, actually, Sadie runs:

Since she's still too short, I take the mail out of the box.
I have a feeling it's only a matter of time until she insists on doing that part herself.

Immediately upon removal of mail from the box I hear Hold mail, hold. Mail. Hold mail. And then she walks it up to the house with me.

Still walking:

It's easy to get excited when you've got all that mail to carry:

Sometimes the excitement is too much, and we lose some along the way:

And then sometimes we get distracted by odd things. And we have to run and watch.

But at least we hold onto the mail:

Sorry about that last picture, I couldn't help myself. But if you know Sadie, you know about her obsession with dog poopoo and cat poopoo. Just count yourself lucky that I didn't post the next picture.

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