September 25, 2008

Whatchyou talkin' 'bout Sadie?

Sadie has been saying some funny things recently. Here are a few:

All done Mommy talking. (When she wanted me to read her a book but Will and I were talking)

Hair bothering me. (Her wispy bangs in her face annoy her and she gets mad)

Mommy hair bothering me. (When she thinks my hair is bothering me)

Mommy, sit chair booboo. (Nurse me in the chair)

Mommy sit chair play playdough. (I think you know)

Bread? Bread table. Bread, bread table. Pease? (Ummm, give me some bread folks. Why is there no bread at dinner tonight? Pats table. Have I mentioned that this child will eat buttered bread, and only buttered bread? Not that I blame her.)

Laddie sock. Laddie sock on paw. Laddie sock head. (As she attempts to put her sock on Laddie.)

No snuggoo Dada. Snuggoo Mommy. (She will not snuggle with Will in the morning. Later, yes. First thing in the morning? No.)

Mommy, picture Sadie. (As she points to my camera.)

That's all I can think of for now.

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