July 14, 2008

Nakey Baby

Okay, so let's say it's July and you're driving down the street and look down a driveway and see this looking out at you:

Why is there a naked baby, on a hot day in July, wearing a knit winter hat? What kind of parents are they anyway?

Look at this kid running around, sitting in the dirt!

Well, I never!

Well, someone wanted out of her clothes in the house. And seeing as how it is hot and stifling today, and some nakey baby time is good for ya, Dada took off her onesie thingy. Then she ripped off her diaper and we thought, Hey, maybe we'll bring out the potty and she'll pee on it at some point.

So Sadie ran around yelling "Nakey Baby!" quite happily. Then I remembered I had to water the garden. And if you remember the rule we learned here you'll know there was no way I was going alone.
So off we went. And we had to watch Dada bring out the garbage at the front of the house. Who then got the mail on his way back up the driveway.
In the mail was a package from Sadie's Great-great Aunt Lucy and Great-great Uncle Seymour, which had in it a soft and gorgeous handmade periwinkle sweater and hat.
So we had to try the hat on, of course. And this crazy kid wanted it to stay on.

And that's why you would have seen a dirty, naked toddler wearing a winter hat staring down the driveway at you on a hot day in July.

And look at this pair, too cute:

Oh, and did the potty idea work? Nope, she waited until she was about to get in the bath and peed on the floor. Oh, well.

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jamie said...

i almost peed when i saw this post!