July 1, 2008

Night Weaning: the end of week two

Well, I just put Sadie down for night 14 of our night weaning experience.
I have not nursed her between 9pm-5am on any of those nights. She is still waking up a couple of times and at times gets pretty mad when there's no boo-boos to be had, other times she just wants some water and then snuggles up and goes to sleep.

At some point during the first week she woke up and, man, was she mad! She could.not.believe. that I was still saying no boo-boos until morning. Sheesh! She gave me the biggest evil glare, turned around and HIT the mattress! Then she flipped over, snuggled into me, and went back to sleep. It was kind of cool watching her work out that anger.

I have nursed her countless times during the night for the last 550+ nights, so I suppose it makes sense that she would take a while to get used to no nursing. I just hope it doesn't take another 550 nights to do so!

Anyway, this is one stubborn kid to begin with. And we all know that in general toddlers aren't famous for their ability to go with the flow or change horses midstream, as they say. I just hope that she keeps this tenacity she has and uses it when she's older.

Sensitive but tough, a great combination.

And here is a picture of my sensitive but tough baby taken today:

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