July 17, 2008

Pee pee on the potty

Sorry I've been AWOL the last few days. I have been dealing with an insanely congested chest and the mother of all sore throats. Seriously, it hurts!

Anyway, since I seem to be on some sort of nakey baby kick I will tell you what happened today. I was changing Sadie's diaper and she started yanking at her shirt and yelling, "Nakey baby! Nakey baby!" So, fine, I thought, a great potty opportunity. Look at her hanging out on it:

I am making a grilled cheese sandwich for her lunch and hear, "Mommy, uh-oh Mommy, pee-pee. Uh-oh pee-pee Mommy!" Yep, right next to the potty:

So I remind her that pee-pee can also go in the potty and go back to grillin' cheese. 2 minutes later. "Pee-pee Mommy!" I think hm, not again, she just went. I wonder what she means.
Well, she meant pee-pee. This time on her couch:

So, we clean that up. Finishing up grilled cheese and I hear, "Oh, oh, uh-oh, Mommy, Mommy, peeeeee-pppeeeeeeeee!" No way, I think. Yes, way. I kid you not:

So, I've come to the conclusion that while Sadie recognizes pee, she doesn't recognize the feeling of having to pee. It's just a giant surprise suddenly when she's standing in the middle of a puddle. Which is fine. I'm not all hopped up to get her trained if she's not ready.
But maybe we'll do a bit more nakey baby outside.

So, we had semi-nakey baby time:

And grilled cheese. Yum.

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