July 6, 2008

Fairy Princess

We went to an art and wine festival yesterday where we sampled some wine and ate a piece of cheesecake that had been dipped in chocolate. Yup, that's right. And then it was rolled in hazelnuts. Mmm-hmm.

Sadie got to make a crown with ribbons down the back. When we put it on her head you could just see that she felt like a fairy princess. She turned and just started walking around like she owned the festival. It was too funny. But who doesn't want to be a fairy princess? Well, I'm sure someone doesn't, but I still do.

And, in other news:

i am a total geek

Yes, I took another quiz that tells you if you are a geek. Obviously, you see the results. I wasn't too surprised.
And aren't I using my time wisely while granny's here? Work, work and more work. Wow, I simply must do something frivolous!

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