July 13, 2008

The Country Fair

Not to be confused with the County Fair. The Oregon Country Fair is a weekend-long fair that takes place in an enchanted forest with delicious foods and crafts and all kinds of music and dancing and just general all around hippyness and love.

This year I made Sadie and myself wreaths of flowers to wear in our hair. We were so hot since it was 98 degrees today that after being there for a short period of time I never took the camera out again. Thankfully there is plenty of shade and little spots to sit in the trees.
But, we never took a picture of me and Sadie together. Here are a couple of pictures of Sadie in her finery.

And Sadie and Dada:

Oh, and first I decided to make Sadie a hat with flowers on it so she would be shielded from the sun. But since we used our baby backpack that has a sunshade I made her a wreath. Which was good because the hat looked like an Easter Sunday hat. Cute, but not very fairy, enchanted forest-like. And she wouldn't keep it on when we tried it on at home. However, it fits Laddie like a dream!

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Anonymous said...

Sadie is just like you; she is gorgeous with anything she puts on her head. (Laddie, too!)