June 30, 2008


While Grammy was in we decided to go to a petting zoo. Sadie loves animals and we thought it would be a hoot for her to pet some besides our mangy old pets and the insane neighbor puppy. The coolest place ever was just too far to drive on a hot day with a cranky baby so we did the next best thing and went to a farm/fruit stand type place that boasted a petting barn.
Well, the petting barn was nonexistent but there were a bunch of goats to see, feed and pet.

Here's Sadie when she first saw the goats and realized we were going to get to pet them:

I guess it's good we didn't drive all the way to the safari, huh?

She warmed up a little after Dada showed her how to feed them:

Then she did a little feeding:

And have you noticed that this is the strangest looking goat? It had no ears. It looked like some crazy alien-goat hybrid. But they were the smallest goats and therefore the least scary ones too.

Here Sadie is looking distastefully at the goat pellet crumbs that remain on her hand after the goat ate the pellets:

She is beginning to really hate messy hands. Not while she's playing but when she's finished the dirt/marker/sand/goat crumbs must be removed immediately. It has a little ring of OCD to it. But, Grammy told me that I was the same way and we all know I am sorely lacking in the OCD area. In fact, I could use a little Obsession or Compulsion to get me going in the morning.

And here she is, driving the tractor. They make you work if you want to pet their goats.

Thanks for visiting us, Grammy. We had a great time!

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