June 2, 2008

The (Occasional) Bane of My Existence


The dog next door. Laddie loves him, he loves Laddie. His dad brings him over to play.
He is 8 months old and already bigger than Laddie.
He has no concept of how big he is.
He's not neutered.
He is out of his mind.
He jumps all over us and I can't be out in the yard with Sadie when he's there because he's so big and oaf-like.
BUT, we feel bad because Laddie never goes for walks because I can't walk him and the baby at the same time. When Baxter comes over it's like Laddie's at his own private dog park that I don't have to drive him to in the car while he slobbers all over the baby in the back seat and muddies it all up and is impossible to even walk to the dog park from the car without being yanked and holding Sadie.

But besides being big and a bit out of control, Baxter likes to eat things. If there's a shoe out he grabs it and runs as fast as he can. He'll lick anything, bite anything, jump on anything. Here's what he did to Sadie's beach ball the other day:

We went to Portland yesterday and our neighbor was nice enough to bring Baxter over and let Laddie out so he wasn't locked up for 12 hours. So he left Baxter and Laddie to play. When we got home the yard was strewn with chewed up items.

These items included:

  1. A bucket
  2. Our hose at the front of the house!!! He. chewed. through. the. hose.
  3. Sadie's favorite ball
  4. Water bowl
  5. A roll of twine
  6. Sadie's toy broom
  7. The kid's tent that we bought the last time we were at Ikea for Sadie to play in. The tent that had something wrong with one of the poles. The tent that was waiting for the tent pole that I went and got a replacement for that very day while we were in Portland. The tent that I saw in a mangled, torn mess when we got home and I excitedly went to put it in so Sadie could finally use the tent. Yep, that tent.

And that's all I can think of right now. This is AFTER we thought we Baxter-proofed, he managed to break onto the deck.

That dog makes me crazy. Oh, and he pees on my plants.

And since I know you want to see some Sadie, here are a few pics from the car ride up to PDX (Portland):

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